Circle when choose ILS Approach

Hey this is without Approach

then i select ILS 26:

why this circle? its not only on this airport /flight…

hey …i m not a pilot, but i know a bit…to me, you never get a straight line to the runwy, you have to “respect” a circle to get properly aligned, altitude constraints, and stuff…there are some ils you have even to circle above the airport and then u get aligned…why that ? no clue…aviation stuff
so, it would be my answer to your question,…may be some experts here can correct me or give you a more precise answer…cheers…if u get navigrap charts, i use them for stars and sids, and also of course ils approaches, and then you get better understand the how and why the ils approach is designed so and so…hope it helps

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That is a MSFS thing. In the real world there are no circles like those to get aligned with the final approach course when doing an instrument approach. In IFR flying, vectors to final are given and a straight line is flown to the runway from 7-10 miles out.

You can bypass that arc when the GPS has you fly it. Here is is for the G3000 - Vectors To Final and Intercept the Final Approach Course - TBM 930 - FS2020 - YouTube

And I just saw you have the Cirrus selected so here is a similar video with the same result for the G1000 (which is what is in the Cirrus - I THINK) - Garmin G1000 - BYPASS THE ARC and Use VECTORS TO FINAL After Loading An Approach - FS2020 - YouTube


Yea thanks it’s just another bug, no other flightplanner gave me such circles

This is 100% a MSFS bug. This is the approach chart, and as you can see, it does not contain any circling track. I believe MSFS is confused with the reversal procedure, and this causing these issues.

Working Title’s rewrite of the MSFS flight plan management code cannot come fast enough.


The MSFS implementation of ILS (and other) approaches is missing several things that make it difficult using approach charts. Procedure turns and holds are important parts of many approaches. Vectors are also missing. It looks like the MSFS flight planner makes crazy magenta round path parts to relace the missing items.

MSFS brought in Working Title to revamp the flight planner. The beta release of the G1000nxi contains a new flight planning system that eventually replace the current one. Since it is still in beta, there are missing features and occasional bugs that get fixed quickly. Bringing in WT is the best thing Asobo has done.

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true, they need to outsource, they can deliver Cloud Servers and good graphics, but not a SIM.
I use G1000NxI now i dont plan the Flights with MSFS anymore.

Of course that one doesn’t. Not a single approach chart contains any circles. They depict the way point where the glideslope is captured and the instructions for the actual landing. The magenta circles in the sim, for whatever reason they appear, give a GPS route to that way point, i.e. the arrival.

I have been flying a lot IFR in this sim, and it is fully possible to plan the arrival according to the arrival charts of a given airport in the sim’s flight planner.

I think you are talking about a different issue here. The topic here, as far I understood it, is in the sim’s flight planner, when you choose an ILS landing without an arrival it creates its own GPS arrival, sometimes being in a form of a half a circle.

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You’re right.

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