Cirrus is performing MUCH FASTER than specs shown in game

I have been using the various prop planes from Microsoft in preparation for the annual CANNONBALL RUN. “IF” allowed to do so, the CIRRUS will complete the challenge WAY FASTER than the specs show. The CIRRUS is cruising at over 190 knots indicated. The plane “should” only cruise at 150 knots per the game menu specs. The newly added XCUB NX is also running at 137 knots indicated. It’s tail dragging sister is only running at 125 knots (as documented). The CIRRUS and NX should BOTH be looked at, or maybe ban them from the race. Both would need to be in their own SPEED category. What happened here? A little prop tweaking from the Devs and these planes just arent right now.

The SR22 has been much enhanced since, I believe, 2 or maybe even 3 updates ago. I think it was the same update that broke the Mooney, was where the SR22 got it’s additional performance.
I flew it alot prior to this past update due to it’s improved performance. It performed below spec on game release, and now it’s significantly faster than spec.

According to board members who fly the Cirrus, the SU6 update is very accurate.

I myself haven’t broken 184 KTAS at anything under 8,000’.

MSFS specs shown are plain wrong:

SR22 | Cirrus Aircraft

The last updates before SU7 brought the Cirrus in alignment with POH as far as speeds and fuel consumption. The hangar specs may not have caught up with that.