Cirrus vision jet

Is anyone working on a Cirrus Vision jet?


There is definitely demand.

I’d gladly pay, the sim needs more jets.


Following as I would absolutely love (and pay for) the Cirrus Vision Jet G2

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We are working on the Cirrus Vision Jet at the moment. Hopefully we have some screenshots to show you guys soon!


Is this the same project or a different one from the one below?

It’s a different one.

The more the better for the user Community! Awesome. How close are you to release? Payware?

We are planning to put in a lot of work and detail into the aircraft so we currently planning to go pay ware. We are in the early stages at the moment, but we are putting a lot of hours into the development so we should have something to show in a few weeks!


it there a discord or anything else where we can track the progress
and if you need help pls ask

Not yet, will most likely create a post here first with some progress. At the moment we are working on interior and animations.

Can’t wait to use the SF 50 on FS. I have about 150 hrs. flying it on X Plane with the G1000. I’ve heard that another developer who already has it for X Plane is adapting it for use with FS. No date for completion was given.

Any update on the progress of this? Cannot wait to have a chance to fly the SF50 (preferably the G2).

Any update on the progress of this? Cannot wait to have a chance to fly the SF50 (preferably the G2).

ukflyer, join the Discord server. They post updates roughly every month.

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Leather on the dash.


For those who aren’t in the Discord server. New images, there’s a lot. Can’t post them all.



I was simply addicted to the LHC Epic Victory Jet in FSX, this Cirrus should cure my need for another similar small fast airframe bizjet.

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Really looking forward to this one. Looks beautiful.