Cirrus Vision SF50

Would you release a beta with the exterior only?

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Something I will consider!


When it will be in production, will it be payware or freeware?

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It’s being worked on now, no release date yet, most likely freeware.


If you need any help (maybe testing on lower end computers :rofl:) please let me know!



X-Plane has this aircraft and I tried it once a while ago, it’s really fun to fly even though I like to make fun of it for being “slow” for a jet. :wink:

Would really love to have it for MSFS too! Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you working on it, please let me know if you need some help to make our dreams come true :rofl: :muscle:

there is a really good mod for sf50 in xplane 11 if you want to check something

Anyone have experience with interior modeling?

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not really, but I’ll help trying to find one, another thing you can do is look for Garmin G3000 mod Release g3000-v0.5.1 · Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages · GitHub

I can help you with flight model, and test it, I’ve flown sf50 like 10times in real life. there’s people here who owned one too.

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Okay so the exterior and flight model are almost done. I’ll probably have some of you test it out with a placeholder interior. I’ll continue to work on the interior but it will take some time. The final product will definitely have the g3000.


Looking forward to seeing this in working condition!

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Would love to test it out for you. I fly mostly VR as I do know that it really is exterior right now. I could still be of some use. :crossed_fingers::wink:. Thank you I have been waiting for this to happen.

Hey guys, we also have a work in progress Cirrus Vision Jet for FS2020. Hopefully we can show off a few screenshots soon!


do you need help still
cuz I’m here too help

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With coding, model development or systems?

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coding and modeling

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Guys thanks a lot! We are waiting our Nice Bird


Just wondering if there are any updates on the Vision Jet? I know there were a couple threads and trying to follow the most up to date one is interesting

Atm, we are working on the flight model and cockpit. We will create a new post on this forum when we are at version 1, to show off the complete package.


Cheers, now I know which thread to follow closely. My friends think I’m nuts but I love the Vision Jet. Don’t know why, Just do