Citation Longitude oscillating after Update

No way, always in troubles with AP ON and NAV ON

I let the devs know about this issue. Thanks for the feedback, screenshots, and more.


I flew the Longitude cross-country from KCPK to KANC, and only had to refuel once the entire flight. Thank you, MUCH BETTER! I did experience the roll in AP, and one time during the 8+ hour flight, all of my avionics shut completely off, which hasn’t happened to any of my aircraft since the third or fourth update that fixed this issue in GA a/c. Also, I experienced severe windshield icing, and I could not find any anti-icing controls for the windshield and had to land the a/c in exterior view.

anti ice is on the right of the cockpit, in front of the copilot below is pfd screen

Thank you! I’ll look for it there. I looked on the left door, and none of those buttons operate. I didn’t think to look closely on the co-pilot’s side for the pilot’s window.

I’m assuming you meant PANC. If so, from KCPK to there is approximately 3058 miles. You should have been able to make that flight without refueling.

I just flew around the world and my longest leg was 3050 miles and I had fuel left over. I averaged 1678 pounds/hr over the course of 39200 miles and 82 hours.

Yes, thank you. PANC. I flew from Chesapeke Regional Airport VA to Ted Stevens in Anchorage AK. I did land to refuel with about 30% left in the tanks, but that was because it was my first flight after the bug fix, and I was not sure with the winds aloft that I would have enough to make the entire trip. I was very encouraged that the fuel consumption issue has been improved.

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Do you mean the “Ice Protection” section? That has no controls for de-icing the windows, just the wing/pitot, engines and tail. My problem was the windshield iced up so badly that I couldn’t see through it to land.

turn on the entire ice protection system de-ice the windows too

Thank you. I thought I had done that, but perhaps not. I will try that next time, since my windows froze completely over and did not thaw afterwards after ensuring that entire section was turned on. I use the Logitech multi-switch panel, and I noticed that turning on the switches for “pitot” and “de-ice” enabled all of the ice protection system switches in the Longitude with the exception of the tail section, and since I had those switches on before I took off, I’m not sure why my windows froze over in the first place.

Yep be carefull with panels and
others key assignments : sometimes, depend of the plane, it doesn’t work as it should

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Dear Jummivana, the same problems with Cessna Citation CJ4 and Daher TBM 930. Microsoft Asobo takes too long to get rid of these flaws, I am highly perplexed.

I would also like to report that the Longitude (stock, unmodified) will not capture LOC or GS. This is with the ILS Freq in NAV1, and NAV1 selected in the PFD. APPR mode selected while 10 miles out, below GS and for the most part lined up with LOC.

Same Issue here…

Hi guys ! I would like to fly again with the longitude (haven’t fly it since a month), is it fixed or still not ? The last time was a nightmare… :frowning:

Yep same here. It was working great prior to this update. Now it’s bucking Bronco again! Geeze.

Then when Asobo corrects the oscillation the mod may then become the problem.

Then you can delete the mod folder and move on with your life. Oh the heavy burdens we have.

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Also an issue for me, plus 1 voted!!

My problems published in this discussion on 22 January 2021 … and months ago also, are still the same with the last update. Best solution is to delete FSMS2020 and turn back to P3D…