Citation Longitude oscillating after Update

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so after the recent Update the Longitude is unable to keep a Navtrack. After hitting the NAV button it soon starts to oscillate left and right never to be aligned with the track.
Tried with clear weather and no wind but no matter how long the actual leg is it never captures the Navtrack.

Please fix asap as this issue renders the plane unusable.

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Can’t believe the rolling is back. They got it fixed and now it’s back on the Longitude. FIX THIS! It’s awful and takes all the joy out of this sim experience. How can these major roll outs affect what they already addressed? It’s two steps forward…three backwards.


Same here no mods. will not capture the ILS. Same flight I flew last night. Thanks for the wonderful Christmas Present

I heard it flies straight in VR helmet. It’s part of the fix.

Same problem here. No mods. Rolling back and forth at all altitudes whereas before it was only a problem at 30,000 and above. Flying straight lines in HDG mode until it gets fixed again…

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…and when you start getting sea sick, just go into drone mode and move the camera in front of the aircraft looking forward and you won’t see any rolling. I do love the fuel fix though :slight_smile:

Same for me, slight rolling in higher altitudes. Before, it was good for a while. Last update brought it back again.

Also after this last update the Cessna Citation Longitude flying with AP and NAV activated starts to incline slowly till the final crash.9

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In addition to the 15 degrees of rocking back and forth, I like the sudden random lurch up and down they’ve included in the latest update too.

Fix one thing break another…


The Citation Longitude had an issue with rocking back and forth on its longitudinal axis when on autopilot until it was fixed. I just installed the latest update and the rocking is back again. Very annoying.

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Yes, same for me. Before the last update was all ok, but now it goes left-right-left again.
But on the good side, the Auto Pilot captures the ILS better again, as it looks.

Yep. I was going to report that. Appears to be a update bug

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Yep same with CJ4. I remember this was fixed a while ago, but since the update it’s back again.

Same problem here. Plane rolls right or left 2-3 degrees and deviates 2-3 degrees back and forth on NAV course. Not unflyable, but definitely annoying and a step backwards.

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Very odd problem. I hope a hot fix comes out. Kind of annoying

Hasn’t the oscillations been fixed and re-introduced more than once? This is the most annoying part about all this.

Last night, after the update, I flew the Longitude from Dallas-Ft Worth to McCarran (Las Vegas) with no problems at all. For the first time ever it tracked the Navtrack perfectly, although it did self-correct a bit a couple of times. Sorry to hear about your problem.

Yes, at least for me. This is the first time I’ve had it horizontally though.

Hey everyone. My first post on here. I’m a long time, casual simmer. Started way back in the late 80s on a Commodore 64. I too have the roll back and forth in the Longitude after the latest update. I have NO mods whatsoever and a brand new PC that has only been used for MSFS so far.