Citation Longitude thrust levers do not move up or down

After the update 5 i see that the thrust levers in the the Citation Longitude cockpit do not move up or down, i also cannot push the autothrottle button there anymore.

Are you using a mouse or a peripheral to do this this?

It may be the legacy/lock thing if you are using a mouse in which case this may solve your problem:

I am using a Saitek X52. Lock mode or not, it doesnt work. The Jet is throttling but the levers stay down.

Have you tried re-mapoimg your axis?

Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the updates from the Content Manager (Deluxe and Ultimate versions). That fixed things for me.

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Let me know if this works? I have same problem as well and some buttons in cockpit quit working: anti ice.

In some hours i know more, another 18,1 GB download. Thanks for the information. :grin:
And again highest downloadspeed for FS 25 mbit/s
Every other download has a speed of 200 mbit/s.

Thanks a lot, every knob, button or display in the cockpit now works like it should. :+1::v:

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