Fixes & work arounds for SU5 in game UI, tool tips, missing mouse/cursor issues

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Hi all,
Please keep posts in this thread strictly to work arounds/fixes for any issues with the in game UI for PC - there are more than enough posts for people to raise any concerns. This is focusing on work arounds for issues linked to the in game GUI, particully the tool tips.

I hope this helps and please, if like me you are frothing at the mouth with rage about the UI - note that it can be ‘fixed’ (mostly) and returned almost to SU4 norms, please dont panic/rage (as I did, for no very good reason as it turns out).

Problem 1) My aircraft doesn’t work in sim
A) This is not the theme of this thread, I just wanted to highlight it. When we downloaded/installed SU5 we were supposed to move/delete/rename your community folder before you downloaded, then reinstate it. If you didn’t do this, it can cause issues. If you are having issues with specific aircraft not you probably need to update it post SU5. I have linked to two mods I fly below.

WT CJ4: V.0.12.6 for the WT CJ4 Working Title CJ4 - Intro

FBW A32NX: You must have the latest development version of the FBW A32NX. I understand is best kept up to date via FBWs out of game installer (rather than the in game market version - this can be downloaded from FBW’s website here:
NOTE: The FBW A32NX is not yet compatible with LOCK mode and you must use LEGACY mode (see below)

Problem 2: I cant see my mouse / the user interface is colouring the dials blue / tool tips have too much extra info on them and i dont like it.

A) To get rid of the issues above, turn off the new ‘lock’ feature and set it to ‘legacy’. Go to settings>general options>accessibility>and under the ‘user interface’ sub section find ‘cockpit interaction system’ and move from LOCK to LEGACY. It will now look like this:

Problem 3: But I like the blue dials, i just dont like the additional tool tip info.
A) No worries, to fix, go to settings>general options>accessibility>and under the ‘user interface’ sub menu set the following: Cockpit interaction-‘LOCK’, Instrument Names Tooltips-‘INSTANT’ or ‘DELAYED’ (to your preference). It will now look like this (blue dials with limited tool tip info):

Problem 4: I want it to look like the old SU4 tool tips - I have turned ‘LEGACY’ mode but the new ones take up too much real estate on screen and are distracting/covering over dials.
A) Ok Asobo needs to do some work here, but for now I can suggest the following work around. Go to settings>general options>accessibility>and under the ‘user interface’ ensure ‘minimum text size’ is 18 (as low as it seems to go) and then look out for ‘interface scale’ reduce this to around 30-60 (I suggest 45).NOTE this will shrink your whole UI, but it will also shrink the in game tool tips to something like what they were:
@Asobo this work around obviously shows the art of the possible. It seems to me that the fix here is to have an ‘in sim/cockpit’ and an ‘out of sim/cockpit’ ‘interface scale option’. This will allow users to be able to see menus and such outside of the sim/cokpit at ‘normal’ sizes, but set their in game tool tip pop ups to a scale that suits them - surely this is simple enough for a hot fix?

Problem 5: Why do I get ‘check list’ style directional arrows pointing at stuff I am already hovering over - please make them go away!


A) I think (hope) this is a bug. I have noticed it is not always present on every dial/switch. On this basis I really hope @Asobo will resolve this. I cannot currently find a way to get rid of this short of turning of the tool tips completely. If anyone finds a fix/work around or confirmation that this is a bug please PM me or post below and I will update this main post. This appears to impact all aircraft in game whether 3rd party, mod or stock/default aircraft.

Further info from gordongreig below (many thanks) suggests its also only happening around the edges of the screen so again, hopefully a bug.

Problem 6: Tool tips pop up too quickly.
A) Go to settings>general options>accessibility>and under the ‘user interface’ and set 'instrument name tool tips to ‘DELAYED’.

Problem 7: Percentage settings are not showing up on tool tips.
There are two aspects to this. One with LEGACY mode activated and one with LOCK mode activated. I will title title them A) and B) respectively:

A) My experimentation indicates that in LEGACY mode only the FBW A32NX is currently showing % indicators, flap positions etc in the tool tip (see pic). A such there is hope that this is something that developers just need to ‘re-activate’ somehow. Hopefully the image below from the FBW A32NX provides people with hope that it is still available and has not been removed. Perhaps the @FBW team could share their success with the other teams as clearly a lot of people are calling out for this feature to return to all aircraft in Legacy mode or the @Asobo team will speak with the FBW team to work out what must surely be another candidate for a quick fix?

I am reaching out to the FBW team to see if they know why % shows in their module but no others seem to. I will update this post when (if) I know more.

B) (Thanks to TenPatrol) With LOCK mode activated, things are easier and more consistent across all aircraft, but the result looks different from how it used to in SU4.
Go to options > controls options > mouse. Select default profile and save changes. Make sure you have instrumetn descriptions enabled in settings>general options>accessibility>under the ‘user interface’. The result will look like this:

Note - TenPatrol has put some excellent information below about this (particularly in LOCK mode)

I have not been able to fully test it (nor will I be able to for a few days), but his post is well presented and will probably resolve any further issues regarding lock mode and other aircart - dont forget to like/thank/heart his post below.

Problem 8: How to I use mouse clicks ‘as normal’ when in LOCK mode?
a) Very many thanks to TenPatrol for this fix :wink:
Go to options > controls options > mouse. Select default profile and save changes.
(TenPatrol has put some pics and info in his post below - dont foget to give him a like/thumbs up thingy).

Problem 9: I am using lock mode by some buttons are not activating - why?
Two parts to this, A and B.
A) LOCK mode uses mouse ‘wall’ buttons as key presses. By default these are now what work certain 4 way momentary buttons in game, such as in the A320, clicking up or down on the altitude mode selector for autopilot mode (sorry, not a pro-simmer here, i dont know exactly what the knob is called).
All you need to do is use the buttons (often on the wall of your mouse) or set them to something you prefer (your mouse may need to be in ‘DEFAULT’ mode (see problem 8 and TenPatrols post). See image below:

B) For some switches that are 3 position (but not momentary from what I can see), use your mouse wheel.

Problem 10: I want it to look like it did in SU4!
a) If you set the following settings in settings>general options>accessibility and set the options below I think you should get something close to the SU4 tool tip UI (note % indicators are only active on the FBW A32NX at this time).


Should result in this:

If you are a PC user and you are experiencing other in game UI issues (particularly with tool tips) that I have missed please post what they are below and any fixes/work around you have found and I will do my best to keep this thread up to date.

Happy flying everyone!


The constructive approach is much appreciated. I personally intend to give myself some time with the “Lock” mode so I can get over the initial relearning hump and decide which interaction mode is actually better. But if it turns out the answer is “Legacy”, then I’ll definitely use your workarounds to restore something closer to the SU4 interface.


I hope it works out for you.

There seems to be a few bumps in the road but from my experimentation with Legacy/locked etc its possible to get back to something very close to SU4.

I think that I may end up using bits of both (blue dials highlights, small tool tip writing but with the expanded tool tips off) - we just need those % indicators showing on all aircraft again.

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thanks for your tips, i’m just dissapointed there is really any need for them.

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I was hoping this was going to address my main issue, the fact that you can no longer control the plane with the joystick if you are also looking around with the mouse! This only happens on inside view but not outside view. What stupid, stupid oversight.

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Sorry this post couldn’t help with your issue - its only looking at UI/tool tip issues and how to set it up a bit better. Stuff like what you mention is far to clever/difficult for the likes of me im afriad :confounded:

I understand there are others having that issue - like so many things for SU5, fingers crossed for a pre weekend hotbox :crossed_fingers:

I have edited the post title to try and help improve clarity.

I’m finding that if I use the new lock mode on CJ4 I cannot then push/select knobs to enter sections in menus like charts/format/STD Baro/HDG centre.

I can only do this on ‘Legacy’

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yeah I don’t see any reason to use the new mode personally. I just want it to be the same as before


Clicking to lock knobs like ALT/Speed etc makes adjusting easier but at a loss to being able to press down on buttons.

I’m also getting the speed tape issue on CJ4, it’s the same issues reported on CRJ’s.

I’m not confident using Aerosoft’s deleting file workaround.

Would prefer sim patch.

See TenPatrol’s excellent post below - dont forget to give him a like/thanks/heart.

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A32NX - change cockpit interaction system from LOCK to LEGACY.
Options > general options > accessibiliti > cockpit interaction system
Select LEGACY and save changes.

Propellers, turboprops etc.
Change cockpit interaction system from LEGACY to LOCK.
Options > general options > accessibility > cockpit interaction system
Select LOCK and save changes.

Also select default mouse profile.
Go to options > controls options > mouse
Select default profile and save changes

image image image

A32NX / CJ4 - How to PUSH and PULL if LOCK mode selected.
Go to options > controls options > mouse
Select default profile > apply & save.

Click preset manager > duplicate > ok > apply & save




Click preset manager > reset to defaults > continue.


Click go back > apply and save.

In air > Press and hold Left Click Button and press Mouse 5 = PULL

In air > Press and hold Left Click Button and press Mouse 4 = PUSH


My head is spinning, I simply want my old configurations back please.


We all waiting for hot fix :wink:


When I hover over in Lock mode, the knob (HDG for e.g) highlights - only then option to rotate it.

When I click Charts > LWR menu, my charts appear, I can scroll through them but am unable to select any.

Same for PFD menu, can scroll through but not open any e.g adding minimums.

Legacy works same as before.

Working Title CJ4 vs 12.6. Is anybody else having issues with the push buttons on the MFD Control Panel not working? It’s referred to as the Cursor Control Panel (CCP) in the WT doc’s page 7-14 to be exact.

Had the same issue with the PFD control panel.

You dont need a hot fix for something that is working (nor will they do one).

From what I can see the things that require a hot fix with regards to the LOCK/LEGACY in game tool tips are (currently):

  • Size scaling of pop up notifications (needs an in game specific slider).
  • ‘Check list arrows’ - needs a fix.
  • Showing dial/axis type data (thrust %, flap position and other dials with data imbedded) - but this is in legacy only, as it is probably considered to be working as expected in LOCK mode.
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See TenPatrols excellent post above - you should be fine. If not, just set to LEGACY mode instead.

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Problem 9: I want it to look like it did in SU4!
a) If you set the following settings in settings>general options>accessibility and set the options below I think you should get something close to the SU4 tool tip UI (note as far as I can tell % indicators are only active on the FBW A32NX at this time, but if you look through TenPatrols post above you may even get your full fix).


Should result in this:

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Working? Is broken.
We all waiting for hot fix and for old good legacy mode like before su5.

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Well i take you point, but I suspect they will say this is working as desired. Thus no hot fix.

Thanks for your very helpful post above BTW :+1: