My issues with Sum Update 5

Some of the bugs that are crazy in sim update 5:

Many of the aircraft, especially the Baron, Bonanza, etc are just major messed up. Their performance is way off, the autopilot barely works anymore similar to the way it used to be.

The way they implemented the “tips” in the cockpit no matter what the setting is is all just garbage.

Now, I have recieved 20+ frame improvement with this update, but that in some way is due to draw distance that has been drastically reduced and texture resolution at higher altitudes. The sim just looks worse now.

The biggest gripe at least for me is the downgrade in the aircract performance and accuracy. The autopilot seems the way it used to be with many bugs. Many times the Baron and Bonanza are uncontrollable either before autopilot is engaged or after. Just not sure how all of these features could get this screwed with one update.

One step forward (frames) 3 steps back (everything else)

This may help you configure your in game tool tips:

Hi @MurkyCannon1402,
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There is a patch coming out tomorrow that will address some of the issues you are having.

I’m closing your topic as we only want one issue per topic as stated in the guidelines.