Flight controls unresponsive when moving camera

I am not the only one having this issue. If you move the camera with the mouse flight controls from my joystick dont work until im dont moving the camera. Maybe the game wont take multiple inputs anymore?


Mouse right-click to pan now disables all flight control inputs I can confirm that ,


Noticed this as well, but I noticed if you click the middle/mousewheel button to lock the mouse into a free look mode the controls are not locked when using the new “lock” mode style. So does anyone know if it’s possible to use the new “lock” style controls properly with the push/pull knobs in the A320? I can’t figure out how to push or pull them with the new style. I’m thinking of trying the new mode if I can figure out how to make it control the A320 knobs so I can avoid the control issue

Yep happens to me too. Really, REALLY annoying.

  • can confirm

With hotfix 2 Asobo will remove mouse and keyboard options.
Only xbox controller, auto ATC, auto Startup/Landing and only external view.

So, do I need an Xbox emulator from then on to still be able to run the game on a PC?

I dont know about that. where did you get that info from?

How to PUSH and PULL if LOCK mode selected.

From nowhere. He’s just trolling.


thought so

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