How to turn off new cursor info on controls

how the hell are we suppose to pull the speed knobs and HDG knob in the FBWa320
I have tried right clicking left clicking, holding mouse and pulling down. Can’t seem to figure it out. Help

1st CTD took 10 mins. Great. Nice work Asobo i hope your little xbox kids are happy


So, I got in last night, turned on Legacy mode for view, and Free look worked exactly the same as before, no loss of control of controls or anything. I did notice as I was logging off I had Dev mode on, so maybe that was a factor? I’ll try the grabbing controls and pulling them right or left tonight. I did move the controls with the mouse and, again, it worked the same as before. I’m not using VR.

I actually like the new interaction style. However, is it possible to disable the highlighting of knobs and switches?

Hold left button and then right click. Alternatively, use legacy mode. All described in the SU5 section of the A32N know issues: Reported Issues - FlyByWire Simulations Guides

Can you check please do you have Instrument Values showing in legacy mode?

For me after switch to legacy mode I don’t see anymore Instrument Values when mouse hover on it e.g. throttle/mixture percent, knobs OFF/ON states etc.


Same here - if anyone knows how to get the percentage values back, I’d appreciate to know how.


Same for me. Really annoying…

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Well my PC version of the game now decides to stop using the inputs from my joystick, so as I’m banking it locks in that position and crashes. I have reset it, calibrated and it’s doing the same thing again - Thanks Asobo! Nice testing!

See link below

Thanks for this tip. I was about to have a tantrum, until I found this. Now I only have one annoyance left, all those dang circles in the sky!! Can we turn those off also?

I am enjoying the new fps, if I can only return the sense of real flying.

I tested the performance with a flight over manhattan, and it did freeze for about 3 minutes. Was about to reboot and consider mysefl one of the unlucky, when it broke out of its frozen state, and continued. Not sure what that was about. Hopefully a rarity.

Thank you. You helped me a lot. Finaly I can fly again since update 5. Greetings

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Is it possible to change the joystick, mouse and keyboard settings during a flight?

I would not advise that. Best to set things up prior to starting a flight.

Thanks for your response.

Yes, it is possible. While it is best to be prepared for your flight before you take off, sometimes there’s things you think about mid-flight and want to make the change. No problem. Just hit the Esc key, and the Options menus pop up, and you can adjust any of your controls any way you want.

So the new Xbox cockpit features that need turning off for PC users, who don’t like highlights is constantly shown to new users, here it is again:

And I tried the new way and it’s just not for me, so no thanks :slight_smile:

omfg thank you sooo much - i was going crazy.

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Is switching to “LEGACY” supposed to get rid of the “aids” or labels that appear when you hover the mouse over a control? eg. “ENGAGE SELECTED ALTITUDE MODE”?

I’ve switched to Legacy and still have those labels appearing.
Can I get rid of them?


The menus or “previous page” gets selected when I press button 2 on my joystick. Also button 1 acts like an “enter” key and the curser shoots off to the left top corner.
None of these joystick keys have anything linked to them in the “controls” settings, even though I would like to…

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