PC now regarded as "Legacy"?

So the paid open beta we’ve been playing for the past year past year has finally ended, and now PC is regarded as “Legacy”. Is Asobo trying to tell us we should all go back to P3D/X-Plane?

Supposedly the Xbox development wasn’t going to impact the PC release negatively… well that didn’t last long.


that’s a very accurate naming they opted for there :slight_smile:
not classic, not standard but “legacy”.
they could have used “deprecated” at this point :smiley:


What’s wrong with the new interaction model ?
I find it really clean and neat. Old variables from the FSX days are finally gone from the kernel so I no longer have to enter a full research mode in order to figure out what is the difference between “Spoiler 1 Axis”, “Spoiler 1 Axis ex1”, Axis 1 Spoiler", “Toggle Spoiler 1 Axis”, “Spoiler 1 toggle axis 1”, etc.

Majority of variables have been cleaned, others have been wisely implemented, and yeah the idiotic throttle axis and prop axis on SEP that had limited reaction resolution due to the “whatever” animation algorithm that’s supposed to simplify things…are gone.
Now the leavers work in sync with our hand and the physical throttle quadrant.

The legacy model was conflicting with the normal functioning of the sim, invited developers to make even greater chaos, it’s incomplete, raw, unfinished, buggy and it’s sh*t and hopefully it will be completely deleted from the core in the SU6.

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If you’re talking about backend stuff, that’s fine, from what you’ve said it sounds like maybe they have made some good changes there, however there’s no reason for anything you’ve mentioned to result in different visual tooltips, how the mouse interacts with buttons etc, and negatively impact end user experience that way it has. The new tooltips are far removed for anything that can be described as “clean and neat”, and users have to bind basic functions manually is ridiculous. To be honest, if you even have to ask “what’s wrong with the new interaction model”, it suggests you haven’t played the new update yet, but instead just read SDK patch notes or something. Go and read some of the abundant feedback from a large amount of users. I’ve got half a mind to think you’re just trolling.

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You can disable the tooltips.

Yes, the backend, I’m into that stuff professionally, etc.

I have tried and have flown the updated simulator, otherwise I wouldn’t engage in discussions of this kind, it would be silly.
I’ve flown it, it is great and I like it more than any update they released so far. There are more things to be worked on, sure, but I really do not see what is wrong with the new and much better NORMAL interaction model ?

Everything regarding it is absolutely better, and everything regarding the old one is absolutely wrong.

I haven’t noticed such a large negative feedback as you mentioned. Surely there will be a lot of negative reactions, the new sim has a lot of customers, and even 10% of those is still a large number able to flood these forums…that still leaves 90% of others who welcome the new interaction model.

Not sure what do you mean by “users have to bind basic functions manually”. How is it supposed to work, should they get bound by themselves somehow…? Joking, okay I understood, to be already done within a preset ? If that’s the case, well it concerns just the so called “quality of life” content in the sim, it’s irrelevant to the interaction model.

I would really like to know and am trying to understand why is the way the mouse now interacts with buttons and stuff negative to the experience for you ?
You surely can change and remap it however you want.
But even like this…why ?

If we wanna rotate a heading bug to the left or right with mouse, is it not intuitive that you wanna click and hold onto that knob and then move your mouse left or right or however you mapped it ? And you can even spin it hard so it continues for a second or two and stops, physically accurately modelled it’s crazy good !

Or a leaver that goes up and down, with mouse, grab onto it and move the mouse up and down. How should it be otherwise, I do not understand ?

Knobs with the second mode of function when pressed such as analog ADF receiver knob, we grab onto it by pressing and holding the left mouse button, rotate it left or right by moving our hand left and right - and if we wanna quickly press it to access its second mode of operation, we just press the right mouse button button - brilliantly simple.

And when we grab onto something we have it firmly, if we use mouse to interact we no longer have to chase something if it’s a bumpy ride or whatever.

And the values and state of every single gauge and instrument is also visible within the tooltip if we enable the option.

And they even thought it trough enough to separate them, offering the option to have both the name of the gauge/instrument and its value, or just one or the other.

Wonderful !

Tooltips are easy to disable…values and descriptions as well…and it’s good that they are there at all - because in the legacy model everything was messed up, various places completely lacked any tooltips or value, or were bugged, didn’t show a value or just read “gauge.asobo.jacky.1051”…and that’s sh*t and I’m glad it’s replaced and hope it will get permanently deleted from the sim in SU 6.

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Maybe I should give it more of a go, but personally I use the scroll wheel on the mouse for most interactions and it feels very intuitive. It can make things more difficult in turbulence however, but I would think that in turbulence it would be just as difficult to make changes IRL.

The tooltips are too large and obscure other instruments, and are in all caps.

The binding issue has been well documented. Necessary binds should have a default rather than being unbound.

Anyway, thanks for your response, I will try it more and see if it can win me over, it does sound like there are some positives, however I believe it’s implementation could have been done much better.


This guy makes some good points


Some clarity

Another video

Doesn’t look like I’ll be bothering with it if I have to set all those binds.

I didn’t watch the video, but what do you mean by setting “all those binds”? As a VR player I try to avoid having anything bound on keyboard, so I either use HOTAS controls or the virtual cockpit. I didn’t have to bind anything extra to use the “new” interaction mode. Clicking a switch flips it, clicking a button presses it. Click-hold on a knob/dial, and you can either move the mouse left/right or use the mousewheel to move it, your choice. (Or right click to press it if it doubles as a button.)

This new method is actually very good in VR because holding a cursor on a control when your view is constantly moving is very difficult. “Locking” the cursor by holding the button prevents it moving while you manipulate the control which makes life ten times easier for me. So while it may not be to everyone’s taste (and those people can switch back if they want to), it’s made my life easier.

Even my FSX with PMDG aircraft runs better than this thing they call update.

And your aircraft reliability has what to do with the usage of the word “Legacy” in the UI when referring to an optimal for PC setting?

This has already been posted, and the first thing I did was go into the menu, saw that setting and disabled tooltips.

But that is beside the point. It should be an opt in feature. Calling it “Legacy” shows a culture of Xbox first. As does downgrading the visuals, and a myriad of other changes.

Despite the mantra “Xbox good” being bleated constantly all across the forums, the Xbox edition is having a dramatic negative effect on the PC edition, and it has even prior to this update in the form of the limitations of the UI design.

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No. There trying to tell you to go out and buy an xbox

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Is there some documentation of which variables from the FSX days are gone? I would like to try to rescue some of the FSX legacy models that have been ported over to MSFS and that seem to crash because they are calling these variables.

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Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it, but it would be so good, I would also like to have all the removed vars documented. Well, it should be easy, I have all the present vars documented, so will just subtract in Excel. Will try when I get home from trip.

No!! Please not!! Mercy!! While I still have both installed, I haven’t touched Xplane or P3D in months, and I have absolutely no intention to touch those again.

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