Thank you Asobo from PC players

Could be. I’m running at 1440p on Ultra sized monitor and not really seeing any particular graphical issues. Performance has also gone through the roof. In the Milviz Corsair around EGNM i’m getting around an extra 30 fps.

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■■■■■■ SU5…all sound effect muted or removed in airliners’ cabin ( wing) views for no gd reason.of all the other areas you could have improved on default airliners you chose to disturb the sound effect in this views…totally wrong nobody ask you to change that from previous version…

since when have you been in an cabin of aircraft during takeoff or landing and never hear the engine, reverse thrust, rattling noises during touchdown or takeoff in real life…now it feel totally quiet in the airliner cabin views…worst SU5 CTD so often even if there are no stutters…smooth…sure…but replaced with CTDs…

Can only enjoy the smoothness …if one can at least takeoff and land…else the smoothness is useless to those who keep CTDs.


Open a bug report for it and provide all the info.
That’s the way to get it fixed or help by other players.
Since default aircraft don’t have cabin views, most likely you’ll have to talk to the 3rd party that created your aircraft (which you don’t even state).

Since this is a Thank You Asobo topic I should add my thanks! Flawless installation. 40fps at Heathrow with maxed out settings. FBW A320 works great. Zero CTDs or issues. Well done Asobo!


Lol its clearly there. Almost the whole city area pops in. Really kills the immersion.

+1 to OP.

High fidelity flight sims are not the preserve of consoles with all the good will in the world.

SU5 seems like a step in completely the wrong direction, all for the sake of appealing to a wider market at the expense of taking what should have been a seminal commercial flight sim and breaking it just for the sake of trying to make it cross platform compatible to appeal to a wider audience (to make more money, let’s not pretend it’s there to improve our experience).

If this is the shape of things to come i am getting Xplane.

*I would like to state that I am redacting what I have said above. I am not going to delete it (unless a mod wants to) but I WAS WRONG - there are some (small bugs) with the ingame cockpit UI which was what I was annoyed about ‘the Xboxification of MSFS20’, but much is fixable/workround able and I owe ASOBO an apology. I have looked at fixes and work arounds for all the issues I had and if you need help configuring the game to something more like SU4 cockpit UI please see the following thread/topic: Some 'work arounds' regarding UI issues and some pragmatic suggestions for Asobo for improvement *


So I paid for the Deluxe version back then. But I’m in a moral pickle now. How long does the full price entitle me to complain? A year? Two years? Six months?

Cause I’m not done complaining yet… but perhaps my time is running out.

I also checked out X-Plane actually, never looked at it… last week I did… but PMDG just dumped all their development for that one… so dunno…


I dont even care about graphics at this point, the game is unplayable due to never ending CTD’s.

honestly! might as well go back to fs9. its got potato graphics but at least it works

It’s still far better than XP and P3D.

My hope is that they will improve the sim on PC once the hype on Xbox is gone. If not, then we are fu****. It would be sad to know what we could get but never get it.

I know… the graphics are amazing… and it’s smoother now. But I’m getting so frustrated with the list of stupid silly sloppy bugs that do not get any attention. And I’m sure next it will be DX12, more graphics… then there’s this fighter jet nonsense coming… I don’t know… and that eye with the arrow… for the love of all that is holy, someone please tell me how to shut that down?

I had this tiny peeve… if you click ‘load/save’ in the flightplan… you then have to click on another button (to load or save)… then finally you can load or save your flightplan. Two clicks. That was one click too many. Just make it ‘load’ and ‘save’. Two separate buttons. One click, done.

But in stead of fixing that, they added another click… try it , now it’s three clicks!

The devil is in the details, and these details aren’t getting better.

thats actually jokes

No need to worry. It’s a 10 year development cycle. You can rant for another 9 years so no pressure. And there is no need to buy further addons from the Market Place too. Your original investment gives you full rights and entitlement to moan about all the free updates which will follow in these future periods :slightly_smiling_face:

Jokes sometimes hide a deeper truth… :upside_down_face:

Let’s say I wasn’t surprised by all the misery this update brought me.

Steve Jobs never would have accepted two clicks, let alone three. There’s probably a reason Apple never made a flightsim. I wish they would…

Good to know… still… it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Let’s say I payed 120 dollars… I forgot already the exact amount. That’s only 1 dollar per month for 10 years.

Really not sure if that’s enough for 10 years worth of complaining.

Asobo needs a GUI artist.

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for me its the fact you can’t look around in external view with airliners in the hangar. or the fact that theres constant lightning and thunder in some parts of the world no matter the weather SINCE DAY 1
I genuinely give up on this game

Yes it is because they took away the fallbacks (XP and P3D) as development for those two stopped.

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Yes. And someone with an eye for detail.

Another one, for fun: I keep trying to pull down in the nav-screen on the waypoints. Every time I think: that’s a nice way to adapt my height per waypoint. But no… doesn’t work. You have to type in your cruise altitude (which then gets ignored by ATC). No graphical help. I mean, what’s the point of that fancy interface if I can’t get the most out of it?

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Ah yes, the lightning :slight_smile:

Had one just now in a clear blue sky with one tiny cloud. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Tiny cloud, big flash…