New 'Lock' mouse control system

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Before I jump in with the rest and turn the mouse control to back to legacy, do any of you know how to use it on PC?

I’ve tried a combination of mouse clicks etc. but obviously being a little dim :slight_smile:



I don’t like it yet because i haven’t figured out how to use it. How do you turn it back to legacy?

General options > Accessibility

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In the accessibility menu.

I had missed I had a custom mouse profile so clicking did nothing. Going to give it a go, because I think it’s a good idea when the aircraft is bouncing around a bit to lock the button in place.

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Yeah that’s the main purpose of it, as I understand things. Obviously one can see the potential benefit to console users who have to look around the cockpit with a gamepad thumbstick, but PC users who like to click lots of cockpit controls could also end up liking it if they gave it a chance. Unfortunately the way it was rolled out by Asobo poisoned a lot of people against it.

Personally I prefer to mostly fly vintage and GA aircraft with as many essential functions as possible on my HOTAS so I use legacy mode with all tooltips off.


hopefully this post will help you

I like the new lock mode but can definitely see why many don’t.
For me the main increase to functionality is being able to make adjustments while in turbulence or a hard turn, i can click hold then make adjustments where as before I had to focus and keep my mouse hovered over the button while scrolling mouse wheel, which would often and frustratingly end up in me suddenly zooming way in or way out.

I would suggest that anyone who’s experienced the above at least give it a try.

Im the end just use whichever you like best though of course :wink:

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I get it. I like the idea of lock mode as I too have accidentally zoomed in/out while trying to adjust a knob on the dash, but I don’t know how to program the soft keys. For example, I fly the A320 alot and I use the auto pilot knobs alot but I can’t switch airspeed between auto and manual.

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Have you tried turning on the Tooltips pop ups, the option is in accessibility options Instrument Tooltips, I used this to learn how to interact using the new lock mode and then turned them off after I got the idea.
Many of the functions now require Left click Hold - right click for example.

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I’ll try that. Thanks

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Yes, I left click to hold and then right click, but for the FBW A320, it still doesn’t change it from Selected Speed to Managed Speed.

Is this the default A320?
I’d imagine there has to be some way to do that, the Tooltips no help?
Don’t fly that bird so can’t help you there atm

I like the new lock system too for the above mentioned reasons. Also, you can now left click + drag mouse left or right to change inputs. This is particularly useful when selecting altitude or heading.

Also, keep in mind that to use the full functionality of the lock mode with mouse you should set the mouse controls to the default profile (this is to set the interaction binds on the mouse). These interaction buttons can be changed to your liking.

For example; my Logitech mouse has two buttons on the left side (in windows it’s function is previous or next page for example).
I can use it to press a multifunctional knob on the Garmin. Also, I use it to move the throttle in the TBM from the right side to the left.

Besides that, the lock mode works in a similar way than the legacy mode too. Most buttons in the cockpit I can just left-click (and scroll) like in legacy mode.

Only change I made is to unbind the cockpit zoom control on the mouse wheel.

I think the system is underrated.


Well there are at least two of us :wink:
Still using locked and still preferring it after about 18 hrs flight time, it feels more additive then reductive as you stated it still retains most functionality of Legacy.

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