Been pretty quiet so far but it needs to be said

This is often stated and it’s just not really true.
Asobo aren’t writing code specific to Intel or AMD, Samsung, micron or hynix.
Nobody is.

Sure, there are performance differences between a pc built in 2016 and one that was put together last week but the architecture and technologies used have not changed much.

What MS wanted Asobo to do was squeeze a next gen title onto their console and have it not get ripped to shreds by users and reviewers alike for being a low FPS stutterfest.

It seems that everything else was secondary to that goal during the development and testing of SU5

For me all its highlighted is the fact that the Xbox X appears to have the capability of a gaming rig from about 6 years ago.


I second this, I’ve been free to complain. I haven’t seen any cases of silencing… Let’s not bring conspiracy into what is normal forum moderation.


Too far bro, WAY TO FAR.


Not all of xbox players are like that,im 52yrs old and love sims,and im sure theres alot more out there like me.


That´s something i can agree with. And i for my part was VERY suspicious when i saw the announcement.
MS has once abandoned this genre when they felt that there was no more money to be made.

Ten years after, when we had like two big and a few small but promising Simulators and literally dozens of addon-companies (ORBX, everyone?? ), some dude with a tie thought it would be a good idea to bring it to consoles because $$$. And I still think it was a good idea!
A lot of us “serious simmers” are disappointed now because they really believed that this was to be something for “us” when it was never supposed to be.

Concerning your statment about the market being too small, that´s true in absolute numbers. This genre is not a money printer like the regular gaming industry but it can sustain itself. Just take a look a Sites like Aerosoft´s.
Take a look at hardware manufacturers and i´m not even mentioning the big ones like Logitech and the likes of which. (Throttletek, FS PM make excellent hardware and throttle replicas, for example) Take a look at how many manufacturers of complete replica home cockpits there are.
I work a second job at a friend´s company who offers fun flights (for going on six years now) in a 737 sim that even has passenger seats. So the genre of simulated flight is more than a niche, even without fs2020…

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What makes you think this about making a quality simulator? There was a route to a wider market ($$$) and they are going for it.

The SU5 update is confirmation that for Asobo $ trumps quality of the sim. We should have all paid more attention to the cross platform compatibility promises made and kept well clear instead of hoping for a sensible separation between console and PC that means both parties can have their cake and eat it. This was possible as a prior person mentioned further up.

I’m sorry but with all the good will in the world there are things that consoles are good at and things that they are not good at. High fidelity simulators are one of those things that consoles are not good at.

Anyone in the console community that wanted to actually invest the time and money to fly flight sims will do so because they want to and buy the appropriate hardware. But for most all they want to do is ‘switch off’ as they play a fun easy to learn game for an hour or two. This is not the domain of a high fidelity flight simulator.

Instead what was (because this will change now) the core community for flight sims (ie enthusiasts that wanted to learn and fly at high levels of fidelity) are now going to be drowned out and ignored by the masses from the Call of Duty ‘instant gratification’ console club for which it is clear MSFS20 is being configured for - at the expense of everything that used to make it so good and the desires/requirements of that original player base.

Welcome to the world of compromise and arcade instant gratification gaming to please the masses rather than a targeted community. The needs of the many and all that.

*I would like to state that I am redacting what I have said above. I am not going to delete it (unless a mod wants to) but I WAS WRONG - there are some (small bugs) with the ingame cockpit UI which was what I was annoyed about ‘the Xboxification of MSFS20’, but much is fixable/workround able and I owe ASOBO an apology. I have looked at fixes and work arounds for all the issues I had and if you need help configuring the game to something more like SU4 cockpit UI please see the following thread/topic: Some 'work arounds' regarding UI issues and some pragmatic suggestions for Asobo for improvement *


That´s the point. From day one at the drawing board, the masses have been the targeted community.
Just my two cents…

Get used to it on here buddy. There are some ridiculously cringe posts about how we Xbox players apparently operate. It’s pathetic


Agree, i don’t blame any of this on xbox players. If anything they only helped because Asobo was forced to increase performance on both platforms.


Beta/Alpha testers only test and report issues, they have (almost) no control on what gets released and when.

This is like a nightmare. What dream have we been living on?
I was so happy as to how this sim was evolving. Now this?

All the money I spent in the Marketplace on airports and what not for what? for this? At least keep the PC version clean.

Man I hope you are wrong :frowning:


Why everyone is hating the new cockpit interaction so much makes me wonder a little bit.
Before there was only a mouse cursor flickering and sometimes it was not even clear if my virtual fingers were grabbing the first or second control wheel of some Garmin instrument for example.

Some instruments Boeing or Airbus have a control wheel for let´s say map zoom with another wheel on top of that for altitude or whatever, and on top of these two wheels another control element in form of some kind of coolie hat button - it was never clear which one of these tiny control elements a the flickering mouse cursor was grabbing and controlling right now.

Now everything is beautyfully marked with a colour that my virtual fingers are grabbing with a percentage indicator how much I interact with the controls.

There are several dozen buttons in every cockpit, and every time the aircraft shakes a little bit while flying the mouse cursor was over another button beneath or to the left or right. Having only the tiny flickering mouse cursor to interact with the cockpit was a little bit annoying.
Now there is a clear coloured indicator which cockpit button my virtual hand is “grabbing” and pressing - I like that.
Interaction with the cockpit is so much better now, and every switch from light switches to throttle levers now show exactly in percent for example how high the throttle or the mixture setting currently is - I think this is PERFECT.

For the other graphics-related issues said in this topic I haven´t had time yet to check if there are lower quality trees or lower quality airport and ground textures and other things because my focus is always on the airplanes and the cockpit realism and the visuals of the airplanes (and of course how awesome the clouds look like - and if the clouds nebulas rain and weather quality is not degrading or dumbed down for FPS but perfectly rendered in all it´s eye candy glory).

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not to mention the problems trimming aircraft.
it has become very difficult to deal with trim, some airplanes are extremely slow to react, other skyrocket or plummet to earth with a single trim input.

this is something that you, as a software dev like me, you reckon that such a simple and easy thing to detect cannot escape any quality gate control.
so things are two…or it did not get detected by any quality control, which I doubt, or it was released in this way as “good enough and we have another JIRA task to fix it later”.

The trimming wheel now also has a percentage indicator to see exactly how the trim is set :wink:

But answer me this:

When it comes to playing/living with a high fidelity simulator like MSFS or DCS/BMS etc, what would your go to platform of choice be - PC or console?

The point i (and many others) make is not that console players ‘suck’ I am console player too. But there are horses for courses and high fidelity sims are not cut out for consoles and trying to crowbar them together for this type of game is sub optimal, particually from a UI and fidelity perspective.

I would also add there are some games where it works really well (ie, there is no discernable impact on PC or console users) such as War Thunder. But that is (from a UI perspective particually) a fairly simple (and obvious) game to make cross platform compatible.

Please don’t take (at least what i am saying) as an attack against ‘console users’ as it just isnt.


Try completely removing the fbw a320 if you’re getting crashes. It was my only addon and as soon as i did the crashes stopped.

I dont take any of what you said there to be offensive at all, but some posts on here have been pathetic regarding how console players want to use the SIM. I’ve spent the first day trying to fly the a320, IFR,ILS basically practicing getting from A to B. I’m a self confessed aviation geek and I would say I’m not alone on the console. Not all of us want to just do barrel rolls on a dreamliner. The majority on here are decent but there’s definitely an element of snobbery when it all boils down to it. I could get myself a PC if I wanted, but at this moment in time it isn’t for me


I’ve got nothing in the Community folder. I get CTD while rebinding the controls which they completely destroyed with this ridiculous new default scheme, what a joke.

Meanwhile Xbox users are all cheerful crashing onto buildings and doing barrel roll back flips with a 787 that’s been a joke since day one. How long will it last until they get bored.
→ this is an absolutely true psychological aspect that cannot be ignored. Some XBox users will be very pleased with the sim and develop a big interest in aviation. But I assume that 90% or more of gamers who have nothing to do with avionics, flight engineering, and piloting… will just have a quick look at the new flight sim, do some dumb and stupid arcade-trash for a few minutes with random airplanes without showing any interest in the cockpits, the engineering physics of planes, the engines and turbines, navigation or ANYTHING related with aviation, try to fly into some sky scrapers for fun, get quickly bored and annoyed from the lack of explosions after noticing that no simpleton-arcade-trash is implemented in a flight simulator, and say after half an hour “well well, yaaaawn, so this is the new flight sim. Pff whatever. I am going to uninstall it and continue my multiplayer shooters…”

Only the hardcore PC community, true simmers real-world-pilots and “wannabe-pilots” like me (I could never afford my own Cessna or even to rent one or be with a real flight club!) will stay forever, stay true and will stay faithful and devoted to flight simming forever :wink:


Are u rebinding in game or at the menu?
Also do you have the fbw installed AT ALL.