Been pretty quiet so far but it needs to be said

I have been on here since release. I am a RW pilot and have been involved in simming since FS95. I have created quite a few add ons and scenery for various sims. I am also a programmer and have worked on some large projects but nothing like FS2020. I have been quiet thus far about FS2020 issues but Asobo, you guys need to get your ■■■■ together. I thought you had a beta test team? If you do, are you listening to them at all? I downloaded SU5 last night and just tried (and I mean tried) to fly a bit. Between the cockpit interaction fiasco, the trees that now look like cartoons and the constant clicking sound, how in the ■■■■ did this release make it past any kind of quality control? We know you can do better than this. Quit trying to be everything for all people and concentrate on the core sim and get that fixed and stable and for God’s sake test new releases thoroughly before release!


Now we know why the NDA was held up in front of the beta testers, of course they knew.
Asobo must be a corp. where if there’s a deadline you will make it work or else.


Well said, agree 100% this isn’t so much an update as a downdate.


The cockpit interaction change should have been documented at the very least but it’s been explained many times now.

I have no idea what you’re talking about regarding trees or a clicking sound. First I’ve seen any complaint about either, and I’ve read a lot of complaining on this forum since yesterday. Might be more productive to make a post actually explaining the issues than just ranting.


Are you using the electric trim tab on the yoke? That might be where the clicking sound is coming from. Otherwise, lots of stuff messed up/still not fixed. Not good.


I am, why is this making a loud clicking sound all of the sudden? I never heard anything before SU5.

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At this point the best business decision is to revert to the previous version for PC users until things are fixed. Otherwise we just won’t use it. I’ve spent so much money on the Marketplace already and invested so much in this sim. I’m not spending a dime again until all of these issues are resolved. Notice how there are no release notes. They just shoved this ridiculous Xbox version of the sim down our throats and the silence says it all.

Meanwhile Xbox users are all cheerful crashing onto buildings and doing barrel roll back flips with a 787 that’s been a joke since day one. How long will it last until they get bored. 150 dollars and 150 gigs for a screen saver with pretty images. Such garbage.


After several dozen hours of installation, which ended with a complete uninstallation and reinstallation of MSFS - I was able to make 1 (only 1) flight.
After that, the game doesn’t start anymore - it’s a nightmare !!!


Same here, unless they give the SU4’s beautiful graphic back to me, not a single cent will be spent in this sim any more!


They will only listen with our wallets, let’s face it.


i totally agree with you, but do you think they care ?
They got your / my / our money.
Next, please …
I’ m very very dissapointed


We are very similar in background and experiences and totally agree with you. I haven’t posted on a flightsim forum in years, outside of fsdeveloper, but your post “inspired” me. lol…


Your thoughts are really not new. Many including myself have felt the same since the rushed original release.
They MSFS fan boys gushing with praise appear to out number us.


Yep and they seem to be silencing a lot of people on this forum who share their bad experience with this update. Also i don’t think it’s so much fan boys but moderators stepping up positive feedback and suppressing the negatives. The update is disastrous and the worse ever and no amount of censorship will help deny the truth.


Is this going to be a repeat of Microsoft Flight? Getting worried.


I was thinking about this and it just gives me the chills :confused:
P3D and X-Plane are awesome but they look like cartoons. I just wish their environment looked like MSFS. Unfortunately eye candy alone is not enough for serious simmers and aviators.


Been using XP for years, and knowing Laminar Research and Austin Meyers, you can count on the next version. One thing i love about these guys is their obvious dedication for their „cause“ and that there are never any unrealistic promises. Plus: they seem to know that a console is NOT an appropriate platform for a sim…


I get the key clicking sound too!! Annoying asf right?

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I don’t mind the fact there is a version for Xbox at all. By all means make a version for children or people wanting to go on a spin once a week. It just sucks they shove down our throats (PC users and serious simmers) this unwanted Xbox version full of bugs, downgraded graphics and awful controls.


Thought they have testers now from the community. Maybe not nearly enough testers? Or maybe the testers did find these issues but they’re ignoring the feedback and still releasing because the date has been set for a while? Or maybe these issues weren’t seen in the test environment until it went out to the masses?

Dunno. But the issues are incredibly frustrating. Asobo really needs to get their ■■■■ together. This has been a really frustrating patch.