Official Discussion: July 29th, 2021 Development Update

Yep, put this way… I’m in no hurry to wait for this hotfix… Cause I don’t think it’s going to fix much at all… Actually reminds of very early beta testing. We know that it takes many patches to iron out bugs. So the current problems will be with us for sometime. For me, I’ve drawn the conclusion that MSFS best days are behind us. And honestly I have no desire to use a sim, which quite frankly looks like FSX. Finally I’ll never purchase a Microsoft or Asobo product again. For the fact they lied and covered up issues you mentioned. And gave us this ■■■■■■■■ eye candy in the performance dev update…

I think it’s fair to say that we’re all in an open beta for update 5

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With the advent of mobile platforms, customers got used to apps being released with constant updates.
Software editors got wind of it, and some have transitioned to a new type of release cycle.
Some refer to that as perpetual beta:

I’m old school. I like polished software. I like customers to be respected.
Release what is ready, when it’s ready.

But hey, if customers accept to be treated like perpetual beta testers, what’s to stop it from happening?


Ok… so i downloaded the supposed fix, but there are absolutely no changes!!! Mapped buttons on my joystick still don’t work… I’M FED UP… these people made millions of $ with this sim and this is what the customer gets… premature releases of updates… whoever the guy is that is testing the updates needs to be sacked!!
I am sure they have a deadline for releasing an update and come hell or highwater they will just release something to make them look good… nevermind the problems it might cause, because surely they will butter it up by saying… "ooooo we have an improvement “patch” hotfix… or what the F else, just to get everyone’s hopes up…
Asobo… get you act together!!! I can’t believe that Microsoft allows this…

I have just deleted the entire MSF2020 file on my PC and downloading it and doing a fresh install again!!! … I’m not getting my hopes up that this will work…

The following issue supposedly addressed in the hotfix is only half-fixed.

  • The title should no longer freeze for a very long time when connecting / disconnecting peripherals

Before this patch disconnecting / reconnecting USB keyboard + mouse resulted in MSFS freezing completely for a good minute. Now after the patch it doesn’t freeze at all when disconnecting but still freezes for a minute when reconnecting

100% repeatable on my end.

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USB freezing still happens in my system. Secondly, crashing the application has caused my sim to be corrupted, pressing on repair wiped out the whole files. Had to start all over again with download. Now I copied all the sim files in archive on my disk. If it happens again, I dont have to start the download all over.

and this is why I am never pre-ordering or buying anything on day one ever again. Not from Microsoft or google or apple or banana or Joe. Big lesson learnt.

Updates getting WORSE! I purposely waited a day before doing the SU5 update. My procedure went like this…
1)Removed everything from the community folder.
2)Started MSFS, got the update screen. I thought wow, that’s an improvement I no longer have to quit MSFS and go the MS Store, just click the button in game and update.
3) Waited and watched the update files download, took several hours on gigabit fiber! Seems to be throttled by MS to around 40MbS. Went and had dinner!
4) returned and it was done??? I was at the start screen, but it was locked up and not responding. Had to use taskman to kill it.
5) Restarted took forever to get to the start screen. Decided to go to my profile and see if there were any other updates. OOPS!!! Seems like the update I just did only updated the BASIC, not the PREMIUM version!?! Had 7 more updates to do, so another 17Gig! Started those, went to watch TV (still only getting a max of 40MbS)
6) Returned to find that it finally got all of those downloaded. Loaded a plane (stock TBM) tried to hide the yoke. ■■■ is this popup ■■■■? Had to hunt all over the settings to try to get rid of it. I assume it was put in for the Xbox crowd, but since they are new why didn’t you leave the setting as “legacy” and make the Xbox folks go change it to “LOCK”??
7) While trying to figure out how to fix #6 I see that OOPS there is a hotfix coming out on Friday (today), so I bag it for the night.
8) So today I fire up the sim, fully well expecting to have the sim go download and install the “hotfix”. NOPE! Back to the “there is an mandatory update, go to the Microsoft store and update”. Back to the store, find the sim, NO update button. Finally find it, and it’s greyed out. Click it anyway.
9) restart the sim. Get to the update screen that shows a 304KB update file that apparently expands to 1.5 MB of updates. (why a 17GB program, that is connected to the internet can NOT in this day and age download and install an update is beyond me!). I click the button and it takes less than a minute and we’re loading the program.

But wait, it may not be the update, but now my Honeycomb Alpha is no longer recognized, the Bravo TQ is there, but no yoke!

Did you try deleting your rolling cache file. Then turn it back on. This has helped some users.

Exactly the same procedure like yours., completed by :
10) deleted and rebuild the rolling cache.
11) deleted the content.xml file.
TCA throttle key binding messed up and no pro pedals.
thank you devs… :rage:

Are you having issues with the actually joystick not responding to movements. My TCA and honeycomb randomly don’t work for brief periods almost causing me to crash. My rudder pedals that are a couple months old stick to the right or left.

controlling the aircrafts now after the update is a nightmare…it is just not working like before… buttons not working and planes keep turning left for no reason… 787 engines start up and then cuts out.

Hi and thanks for replying, but you say see this post but have not given a link or said which post.



Sorry! Something went wrong. This is the post I mean

Thanks for this i will check it out. It’s a shame i have to start looking at correcting the sim, have enjoyed it before the last update, always had to make changes with the old FSX.

I don’t think this is correcting really. They’ve made some design decisions that have changed things. If it had been like this since launch, no-one would bat an eyelid. Anyway, that post gives a bunch of tips on how to make it look pretty much how it did before or use the new design to your personal taste. Personally I find it better without the tooltips and having to use the instruments to see where I have controls positioned anyway - more realistic to me.

Some clickspots are so small and close to each other, tooltips are crucial to not trigger the wrong buttons/dials without zooming all the way in.
In real life you don’t have this issue, so it’s not a matter of realism only.

Their size and position is really an issue, but I don’t want to turn them off either because of the above.
Sure, a low prio issue, but a valid one nonetheless, even for those of us striving for realism.

After checking out the link i see what you mean, had already gone though the settings and got best i could. I agree about tips as don’t need them either.
2 things not right for me though, % feedback on Air brake i found handy and now when zoom in/out in cockpit with scroll mouse my VFR map also zooms in/out which very annoying and did not have before.
I will keep looking for an answer by trial and error more likely.

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