How do i turn off the blue light

need to go into Accessibility options and changed “locked” to “legacy”


You are my hero.Thank you so much!

THANK YOU! This is insane!

Its a very bad idear, to make them blue by ‘touching’.

This is not a flightsim any more! Remove this feature! To get closer to reality!

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You realise you can disable that feature right?


This was in the release notes:

Cockpit interactions

Added the new “Lock” interaction system:

  • Set active by default but can be reverted to “Legacy” in Options / General Options / Accessibility.

I’m just saying…

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Not able or disable… remove this, its not real OR rename the soft: MF2020 FlightSimualtor to MF2020 FligthGame!

It’s a sim AND a game now. You can switch between the two with one flick of a button. Isn’t this magical?

Why i have to carry this Xbox part? I am on PC! Leave this Xbox stuff away.

Don’t bother some people don’t want to be helped.

Yes, Sir! Right, Sir!

But I can’t help trying to be helpful. I was designed this way by me maker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

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Neither is manipulating your cockpit with a mouse pointer. Neither is manipulating your controls with a keyboard. Should those features be removed too? Should we all be forced to use virtual gloves just to play a computer game?

This a simulator, not real life. Given that this particular feature is optional, you literally have no grounds for complaint. If you don’t like it, remove it yourself by toggling it off.

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A simulator tries to make it real.
Not to make it unreal.
You got it?

Or one should rename this soft to: MF2020 FlightGame

This may help:

It’s a helpful feature for some, especially those using a gamepad to look around the cockpit. Tooltips of any kind are not realistic, after all. Like tooltips, the new cockpit interaction system can be switched off, although some users who’ve given it a chance like it.

By your logic of trying to make the sim “as real as it gets” (anyone remember that slogan on the box?), crashing a plane in the sim should permanently delete it from your hard drive so you can never fly it again. We don’t have a way of actually injuring or killing the simmer so we’ll have to settle for writing off the plane. Sound good?

No, of course not. Now enough with these silly complaints about things you can turn off and ignore, let others enjoy the sim/game in their own way.


Almost nothing you do in FS2020 is done the exact way you would do it in real life. Do you bring up a menu in front of your face to send set responses to ATC when flying your real plane? Didn’t think so. So they should remove that too, by your logic.

Every single sim on the market includes usability features to make controls and processes work within the confines and limitations of a computer program and current technology. That’s just the way it is, and the way it has to be.

Now how about you stop telling everyone else how they should play their sim, turn off the blue highlights using the option provided to you, and go enjoy the sim as you see fit based on your own personal preferences?


You really are pressing your point eh?
Then again: it’s both, depending on how you want to use it. Discussion closed.

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Where is accessibility options located? Also since this blue has illuminated I am unable to move any of the cockpit controls by the mouse.

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