Civilization at 20,000ft in Peru...OMG!


LA RINCONADA - Puno; a gold mine, which became a hot spot “Sutter’s Mill” - like… with all consequences in living conditions, ecologic impact, etc.

I love my country, and its marvelous nature, people and culture… , but this kind of human-expoitation makes me sad… please support as possible every effort to fight again this kind of GOLD-business!

alternatively just another good and nice spot of high builded city …of ancient culture: Kuélap - Wikipedia …close to MSFS -famous “Chagual Airport”


:open_mouth: fantastic landscape ! took Daher TBM out there… UP there…

coords -14.625664164 -69.4411649024

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I guess you learn to breath anywhere, no matter how high? :open_mouth: