CJ4 cabin flickering

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When I move back to the cabin, theres this weird flickering going on when the sun shines inside, the seats and windows on one side are flickering as if the sun was hitting them through a barred window or something. Its noticeable on the wall that is opposite to the sunrays entering the cabin through the windows. In the example gif posted below, the sun is to the left of the plane, and the left seat cushion and right wall are both flickering.

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here is a link to a gif that shows the issue: cj4 flicker small - Gifyu

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make a view in the cabin of the cj4, and fly in daylight with the sun off to one side of the plane, then observe the flickering on the walls opposite to the sun.

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nvidia 555.99

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RTX 3080, 12700k, 32GB RAM

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