CJ4, Longitude - Escape key (to pause) shuts down engines after resuming

This seems to be reproducible 100% of the time for me, but figured I’d post it here to see if anyone can verify that.

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When flying the CJ4 or Longitude, pressing Escape to pause the sim, then resuming it, kills the engines. They switch from “Run” to “Stop” immediately.

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Start a flight in the CJ4 (shown above) or Longitude. I’ve picked KDRO to KDFW in the above example, high altitude airways, direct departure and arrival. This behavior occurs regardless of whether you start cold and dark, or on the runway ready to go.

Take off and fly as usual, e.g. A/P on and climbing to some ATC-designated altitude.

Note that the engines are running run and in “Run” mode. Press the Escape key to pause the sim. Then, resume. Note that the engines are now in “Stop” mode and spooling down.

I have confirmed that the Escape key is not bound to any other commands other than Pause. I have also confirmed that this does not affect all aircraft; i.e. a test flight on the A320 (standard, no mod) works just fine when pausing and resuming.

I’m seeing this problem on every prop plane I fly. If I go to the Options menu while the engines are running (on the ground or in the air), when I close the menu I see the mixture lever on the screen has moved down and the engines are shutting down. The same problem occurs with planes like the Icon A5 that don’t have a mixture lever. This wasn’t an issue before the Dec 22 update.

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Try unbinding any control you have for mixture when you fly planes without a mixture control. That might fix this

Was going to suggest something like this.

I had some binds on my TM Quadrant that weren’t implemented properly (as I don’t have the add on) so every time I hit Esc and came back it would extend full flaps and spoilers.

It fixed the same issue for me in the TBM

I have this problem on the Longitude, and I have nothing bound for mixture. It still happens today.

I with any aircraft flying at some point the engine turns off whether it’s mixed or not. this happens to me after i upgrade to

Same for me. In all aircraft, when in cockpit / in flight, when the Escape button is pressed and directly resuming flight / returning to the cockpit, it apears that one or multiple axis are automatically reset to 0 (RPM and MIXTURE in most cases) causing the engine to shutdown.

As info, I had a CH Products Flightsim Yoke until today and replaced it with the Logitech Flight Yoke System.

Before, I had the Escape key problem, but for whatever reason, after I installed the new yoke, no more engine shutdowns.

Strange, but I tested several times with the Longitude.

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I had the same problem with the WT CJ4. It turns out that my Thrustmaster throttle had a mixture axis assigned to it. When I canceled that assignment, the ESC key works correctly with no engine shutdown.

Happy to confirm that this solution worked for me with Logitech/Saitek throttle quadrant.

However, the issue of these axes being reset to zero is a problem for people who use the other controls.

As the Logitech throttle quadrant does not need a driver to work (unlike other Saitek units) I guess the problem lies with MS/Asobo (which would also be indicated by the fact that an event within the sim - pressing ESC - affects something totally unrelated).

I only had this issue after the update yesterday

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