CJ4 missing 3 instrument displays?

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The CJ4 has 3 black instrument display panels
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just fly

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do you have some gps mod? Because I think that is the problem. If you have, update it

If you use the WT mod make sure you are on the latest version.

Same. Mine have white screens though.

Seems you might have the power switch set to dispatch?


Then you definitely need to update your WT mod.

Plus don’t use any 3rt party livery or texture mods. It’s those that’s causing the issues. Stick to the default livery and it works fine.


To echo @OddElviz, it definitely looks like the avionics are set to dispatch mode.


@LEOPilot504 you can just barely make out that the avionics switch is downwards, which is the dispatch position. Flip that upwards and your displays should be good to go.

Gekkoguy35, such a great observation!

Thank you guys for all of the help!

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Closed as solution was found.