CJ4 Upgraded Avionics?

Hey Guys,

Just had a quick question. Has anyone ever developed an upgraded avionics setup for the CJ4? Perhaps like the setup out of the longitude?

I fly the CJ4 alot, but really enjoy the avionics setup in the Longitude or even the TBM.

Was just curious.

Thank you

The Working Title version of the CJ4 is the current latest edition of the aircraft and it’s avionics pack is (said to be, I’m not a RL CJ4 pilot!) pretty close to the real thing.
WT are working on a totally revamped model which is to become the default sim CJ4 in due course (i.e. “soon”).


Hi there,
Terrylawdinn is exactly right.
This was addressed on the last Twitch Developer Q&A last week. If I were on the desktop forum, I could provide a link to the transcript, but instead, I will quote it:

If you go to the video link, they have some screenshots.


Personal Comments & Observations

If you’re referring to the “ergonomics” or the feel of the G3000/5000 vs. the CJ4’s Honeywell ProLine 21, you’d have to find a CJ3+ for the sim (as far as I know, one doesn’t exist yet) - that’s the only model of the Citation Jet series I know that has a G3000. It takes a bit of doing, but you can learn the ProLine 21, and once you do, you can also handle most of the jetliners that user the FMS as well.

Unless something has changed very recently, Rockwell Collins (now Collins Aerospace) makes the Pro Line 21 and Pro Line Fusion brands of avionics while Honeywell makes the Primus brands of avionics. They are two separate and independent companies and are considered competitors in the avionics market.

As such the Collins Aerospace FMS3000 operates differently than a Honeywell NGFMS.

All brands are Trademarked by their respective companies and are mentioned without applicable TM markings only for clarity.