CJ4 Working title SIMBRIEF integration and IFR rules

Dear all, Absolutely LOVE the CJ4 working title mod. I do have a question about IFR. I’m using the simbrief import function and after correcting double navpoints and removing “disco’s” I don’t have the option to request IFR with the ATC. Can this be helped?

I must state that I use the free (outdated) version of simbrief, so outdated data, could that be the culprit? I do correct the SID’s and STARs to newer versions in APP/DEP menu.

Thanks in advance


The FP SYNC function would allow you to “Synchronizes to the MSFS flight plan from your FMS flight plan when toggled ON.”

For full information checkout the Cessna Citation CJ4 Model 525C Operator’s Guide chapter 5 : Flight Management System.

Also I would suggest checking out the WT Discord. It’s a great place for information on anything related to WT CJ4.

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Ah, thanks so much! I actually already downloaded the manual and started reading it, didn’t get to that part yet, should have RTFM!..

I will join the discord,

Thanks again.

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Perhaps this is a new bug but I see no option to request IFR despite having FPSYNC enabled when importing from Simbrief. I too will hit the discord but if anyone has insight please add to this topic.

Nevermind, had to push before it let me file.