Clear Screens in cockpit but cockpit textures otherwise blurry / not as clear

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but after simupdate 6 I thought the glass cockpit displays looked very clear and legible (I’m talking VR here) . I’m running 80% scale in OpenXR and 100% in sim (Reverb G2)

However, the cockpit textures themselves look blurry. For example on the garmin, the screen is very clear but the AP buttons are quite blurry. It feels like the screens are drawn with a higher resolution than the cockpit textures causing the buttons to blur more. The textures on the buttons are high res so if I lean forward they are very clear. It’s just that from a distance they blur more than the screens. The screens have finer details, smaller fonts than the buttons and the screens are very readable, but the buttons are not.

I tried setting textures to Ultra, did not help, I also tried setting the extra texture supersampling to max (8x8) but the blur is still there.

Does anyone know what setting in the sim or in the nvidia panel ( i run an RTX 3070) that might affect this? Does it have anything to do with the nvidia control panel texture filtering? I think I have it set at performance.

It would be nice to get a bump in the clarity of the whole cockpit, but it’s nice that the screens at least are clear. I just think it’s a bit strange and I do not understand what settings to tweak to fix it. I noticed it in both Asobo aircraft and, for example the Flybywire Airbus.

Appreciate any help or tips for fixing the blurry cockpit textures. I don’t know if it’s a bug related to sim update 6 or if it’s a setting I can tweak somewhere.

Have a great day all!

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When I have found my text blurry on my monitor it was because the monitor resolution did not match the resolution set in the graphic section of the options. You might check that.

I’m getting black outlines that never used to be there.

Thanx for your reply! Yes, this is not that. I realized the problem in Virtual Reality using my G2 Headset so the monitor resolution is not involved. Resolution for the headset is set to 80% in the OpenXR settings so you are half right though, that could lead to more blurry textures :slight_smile: However if everything was blurry I’d understand that, but the glass cockpit screens are clear, (what is shown in the garmin navigator for example) only the other cockpit textures are a bit blurry. (the buttons around and for the autopilot as an example)

Yes, I have those as well, it’s hard to read what it says above the “line select” keys. But my main issue is that for example the buttons to the left of the screen (AP, FD, HDG, ALT and so on) are more blurry than the screen itself. Which I think is weird.

Have you got “lens correction” switched on? That causes my cockpit textures to go blurry.


I think it’s off but I’ll double check! Thanx, hold on. BTW What is Lens correction doing really, I’ve never figred that out. What lens is it correcting for and for what?

Nope, there isn’t even a setting for lens correction in VR.

Ok, well good luck finding the solution. I’m afraid I have no other ideas!

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Thanx for your input anyway! I’ll let you know here if I find out what is causing it. Looking at different settings in the nvidia panel now for texture filtering. Turned off all optimizations and set it to high quality. All texture settings in the sim are maxxed out. So let’s see now. Restarting…

I mean it’s not blurry to the extent that it’s unplayable, it’s just strange that the screens in the cockpit are so clear but not the rest of the cockpit.

Yeah, no, no difference whatsoever. I guess this is as good as it gets.

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