Clear view in the Pimax 5k+

Finally got some clarity.

Tried everything.

Took all suggestions.

Horrific shimmering, and blurry unreadable text was all I got for my efforts.

Then this evening, out of desperation, I did the following:

  1. Set my PIMAX PiTool software to max rendering (2.0 - 200%)

  2. In MSFS PC - nothing just left at defaults.

  3. In MSFS VR - set render scaling to only 100.
    Set everything else to ULTRA or max setting (using a 2080Ti)

I could not believe the results.

Super clear.

About 95% of the shimmering gone.

Drop down boxes are now completely readable in VR.

This is my mileage, yours may vary.

Hope this helps some.


I am not a Pimax user but out of curiosity, and your fps?


with propper motion smoothing fps in VR becomes relative as i learned yesterday.

Im using Index and until today was struggling to find a propper balance between fps and quality playing with different settings, supersampling, render resolution etc… Then i have discovered a guide on the performance forum. It was suggested there not to hunt for high fps, instead for smoothness with high supersampling and fixed smoothing but low fps. First i was sceptical about it to run the sim fixed at 18 fps. But i gave it a try and was quite surprised. With 100% renderscale and 160% super sampling (steam) fixed to 18fps its crystal clear and running absolutely smooth and fluid. It doesn’t feel like 18fps, rather like 60fps. Nothing is stuttering or jiddering there, the view is stunning and also the instruments crystal clear. Now i can read even the tiniest letters on the instruments and the EFIS finally without having to move closer.

For those looking for the topic @AlexejGeldt is referring to, here is the link:

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) 🟢

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Yes, higher Pitool SS works well in most programs, uses less CPU power than SteamSS, and delivers better quality.

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