Clearity tweak for VR

Picked it up via FB yesterday.
Apparently setting render scale in PC graphics setting to max have effect on how pic is redered i VR. Didn’t make it to the sim yhesterday for testing it myself, but I trust you will cross check and report.

Hopefully I will find time to try it today

This has been widely known and reported for months now. It doesn’t work for everyone however.

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Yep highliy depending on the VR device and computer hardware. It doesn‘t do anything in my case.

I’ve missed out on that, but ill give it a go anyway

with sim update 6 in the vr section set your render scale to around 235 if your gpu can handle it. I can read every runway and taxi markers and signs. No more squinting for me. . scenery is more crisp. Good luck

And do you have jerky images in the cockpit?

Pretty funny that you linked to a video that clearly states that it doesn’t work for the guy who made the video. :slight_smile: If it actually does something for someone, it should be quite possible to document that in a through-the-lens video.

Did not do anything for me. 9900k@5ghz/3080Ti

With NASA PC? I can’t get 40fps even at 100% render scale, with 1080TI. lol

This worked for me before SU5 and it was epic.

Unfortunately, like many good things, it was destroyed by SU5…