Cliffs notes on the world update thread?

The “main discussion thread” on the world update Vi is already an 800+ post unreadable monster and all the useful threads on particular aspects keep getting killed and merged in to that “main thread” dog pile.

Not reading all that, so: What are the highlights, what do we need to know?

It would be most helpful if mods stopped merging all discussions into that thread, the concept of forum topics was invented for a reason…


The mods decided to just merge every single topic into one making it totally unreadable (my bug thread with 70+ replies was just merged and the content is now lost in the pit of merged topics discussion thread).

Main story is 95% of the bugs from Sim Update 5 were not fixed. The pop-in wasn’t 100% fixed as we are still experiencing pop-in at cities even with Ultra terrain precache.

All in all, Asobo clearly is unable to handle this project. It’s just depressing. If we had an option to revert to Sim Update 4, that would be a good fix until Asobo can spend months fixing their mess.


Right, got that. More wondering if there are any new issues, any particular workarounds that help with those, any particular changes that we need to adapt to?

In one of the killed threads I saw a workaround for the “a mandatory update is missing” endless loop issue so that was helpful.

Me personally very pleased so far with the update.

I don’t really understand pre caching know what setting is suggested?


I think the proper pre caching is just trial and error since the best setting is system dependent, I understand Medium is the pre-WU6 setting, I will try High and see if that is the right balance.

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Thank you!

They seem to think that if they force every complaint/comment about the update and it’s immediate issues like the thing simply won’t load, into a mega thread 1000 comments long that they don’t really have an issue, knowing that most people won’t wander their way through such a long list of comments.


My main takeaway is that the new terrain caching feature that was supposed to be included in this update is not even available in the VR graphics options. The feature works just fine in VR if you can edit the User Config file to enable it, but they just… forgot to enable the UI for it. And apparently never performed a single QA check to see if it was possible to enable the feature or if it worked as expected.

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Back at the dawn of personal computing my father was struggling to find a particular document that he had created on his computer.

I had a look to help him.

It turned out that he had simply been adding more and more and more “documents” to a single word document thus making it necessary to scroll through and read the entire thing to find any one topic/letter/“document”

This is basically what happens when topics are merged on this forum.

Overview of the thread in question?

The usual “it won’t update” mixed with elated “it did update” and a growing analysis of what got fixed and what wasn’t. (It’s early days for this though as it’s only been live for a couple of hours)


Ultra is the best setting. It draws all the scenery around you 360°, so when you look around there is no loading in of textures, trees, buildings, etc. It is all loaded up in your memory, so its silky smooth gameplay.

Having an older CPU (i7-4770k), I had horrible stuttering when panning the camera. CPU would jump up to 100% usage while trying to draw all of the scenery every time i turned the camera. So, having it all loaded up ahead and banked in memory has dramatically improved performance for me. Its pretty much how it used to be pre SU5.

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