Closest airport? Where?


:Is there a keystroke or xbox command I can press for MSFS to show me the closest airport? I can’t always see them,

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If you open the VFR map you should be able to see your plane’s location with the nearest airport.

If you have GPS in your plane, there is usually a NRST button or menu that will help you locate and navigate to the nearest airport.

If you set a key or button shortcut for the smartcam it will often point your camera/eyes to the nearest airport if there aren’t other POI’s nearby.


There is no shortcut or keystroke available to show you nearest airport.
You could:
Enable airport markers in assistance options to show airfields/airports,
Open the vfr map but it won’t show distance and you may have to zoom in to see small airfields/airports,
Or use your gps and open Nearest> Airport which will show you distance and direction.
The different gps units vary in how you find nearest and you’ll need to read up on whichever gps you’re using.

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Same answers, same time lol


I forgot the airport markers! Together I think we’ve made a pretty complete answer. :+1:


Thank you all!!