Closing the book on MSFS2020?

I think the delays indicate that SU15 is going to be the final (major) SU for MSFS2020: they’re trying to fix the remaining CTD’s and ABO’s so they can close the book on 2020.

I also think that’s the best way forward. Leave MSFS2020 in a stable state, keep us entertained with WU’s, CU’s, Local Legends and Famous Flyers, and focus on MSFS2024.

What do you think?


I would tend to agree. I can not see another multi-month Beta coming later in the year, and also a MSFS2024 launch.

I could see continued aircraft updates and potentially world/scenery updates as I suspect the core of those things will be shared or carried over to MSFS2024.

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100% agree. Honestly, I’d have been fine if they’d just scrapped the inibuilds A320, released SU15, and then put the sim in maintenance mode, with no further sim, world, or other updates. Then take all resources from 2020, and add them to 2024 development.

MSFS2020 is in a great place right now. It’s a good place to stop, and then focus on the future.


Agreed with that idea. There’s enough A320 options anyway. It’s annoying other items don’t exist but 3 versions of a plane are out there.


Personal Comments and Observations

The Ini A320 is probably the last and certainly long-anticipated hurrah for XBox users among others. Very little chance it will be decoupled, even though from a personal view, I’d like to see SU15 released sooner given the wider impact of the new G3X which will upgrade a swath of third party products. But that’s not going to happen.


One request i think everyone has for 2024 is to seperate xbox and pc so theyre two different platforms and one cant restrict the other. To make everyone happy


HANG ON ONE MINUTE…….we’re supposed to be receiving support for the next 10 years remember. Remember??

MSFS2020 is still young!! :tada::tada:

Looking forward to SU100 when finally all bugs are fixed :dancer:


I don’t think that makes sense. A common codebase has a whole bunch of benefits, and doesn’t prevent the devs from adding features that only work on a subset of the supported platforms: the same code is used to build the Xbox and PC versions with different feature sets based on the compilation target. There’s no VR on Xbox, but that does not limit the PC version, right?

And, as a PC user, I feel I benefit from this unified architecture: add-on developers can easily sell their products to Xbox and Xcloud users, because they can rely on the same feature set for all platforms, resulting in lower prices for me.

Yes, I remember that very well. I’m not sure what it means, though. Expecting sim updates every couple of months for another six years seems unreasonable. I do expect the cloud services to keep supporting MSFS2020 for at least that time, though. But one might also argue that it was a 10yr commitment to the product family and that MSFS2024 is part of fulfilling that promise.


They are still planning SU16 as far as I can tell! But if anything, SU15 beta has proven the MSFS 2020 limitations when it comes to performance optimization! A lot of us really had high hopes that with memory optimization and the way they were changing the memory usage, there would be some level of performance improvements as far as fps and stutters goes! SU15 has proven that the performance with the current MSFS 2020 cannot really be improved significantly since the Sim is still a one-cpu-core utilization game! The stutters are significant specially with any kind of AI traffic and there pretty much no noticeable improvements with SU15! I can tell you that the performance overall is significantly worse than when the Sim was released and even worse than SU13! I am just hoping that MSFS 2024 won’t have the same issues and will be much better optimized as far as the performance goes… we shall see!

I hope Asobo/MSFS consider looking back at some of the things we had good with older version of MSFS (i.e. FS2004) and bring those features or better versions of them back. We had good runway lighting systems (off during the day, on at night, more lights with fog, etc.), very good AI traffic (at least with using AIG platform), and 3rd party weather systems (Activesky) that had done a great job with fine tuning the weather systems in the Sim (not much of abrupt wind changes, clouds, etc.)…


I think this is entirely plausible. We are now in Q2 of 2024 and my personal predication is we will see 2024 released in Q3.

I also believe that once we have an announce date for 2024 that will be pretty much it for content and feature updates for 2020 that are not easy back ports from 20204.

I wasn’t under the impression that the inibuilds A320 is the reason the update is being delayed - aside from a few bugs that need squashed it performs (in terms of stability and FPS at least) perfectly and has done for every version of this beta. From the testing I’ve done, it’s the 747 and 787 that are causing all the problems and it was promised that those would be fixed in this update


As a PC user I too would like this. I was disappointed when the PC version was dumbed down for the release on XBox.


I also think the problem is inibuilds A320 neo. Microsoft/Asobo could have released the SU15 and at the end of the month release the A320 neo. They are hurting other companies that have products ready to release and are waiting for this update. As is the case of PMDG and JustFlight.

Some people dont get the internals on games for different platforms that arnt separated

If Microsoft/Asobo wait much longer they’re going to have to change it to MSFS 2025! :rofl: :grimacing: :face_with_peeking_eye: :scream_cat: :airplane:


Maybe you have more experience building multi-platform applications than me, or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean by “separation”, or maybe what you really want is just more optimization for PC in the shared codebase.


It woukd be nice if they change something for betterinb console then make the changes for pc in order to not take a downgrade or restriction. Focus should be in both. For every change to console and change should also go for pc to better each other not just better one and restrict the other.

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Its almost certain to come out late October or early November. So I guess thats Q4


Totally with you there – PC and VR need more TLC than just “we improved this or that on Xbox, and PC users benefit from that change, too”. While I appreciate when they fix memory leaks because on Xbox the glass displays turn black, I do have 64GB, so that wouldn’t have been my top priority. On the other hand, while the Xbox is kinda static, I’m under the impression that development of graphics drivers and VR runtimes on the PC side is quite dynamic, and PC users would benefit if Asobo kept up with that development.

(I’m on thin ice here, that’s not my area of expertise, but I see the threads where people discuss replacing the DLSS DLL, I read about quad-something rendering that lets DCS run at native 90fps in VR, etc.)

(Not to mention all those cores we have on PC. There must be something to gain from putting more of them to work, even with all the caveats and problems that come with multithreading.)


Based on the early looks in the trailer, and the new features/code re-writes Asobo has revealed, I’d say MSFS2024 has been in development for over 2 years now. By the time it releases this fall, It will have been worked on internally for about 3 years. Asobo/MS has stated they’ve gone as far with the legacy code as they can, so there’s no incentive to hold up the release of 2024. MSFS2024 is basically MSFS2020 with dead end code carved out, and replaced with new code that can do more, and will have a longer life.