Closing the sim using X button?


When I press “quit to desktop” from the main menu, the sim takes a few minutes actually close… I click and it freezes up, with the window stuck open on my desktop until about a minute later it disappears.

Whereas, when I close the sim window using the X button it disappears imediately, but the menu music will keep playing for about a minute or two, I’m guessing until the processes actually stop in the background…

Should I even care? Should I be waiting for the sim to close properly for any reason, or can I just continue not giving a **** and closing the thing however I a bloomin well like?

(I warned you it was boring…)

I’m running steam version, 5800x, 3070, 32gb ram, NVME SSD, if it make a jot of difference…

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Why don’t you try from task manager >> details >> FlightSimulator.exe >> right click >> End process tree.

I Alt+F4 all the time, no issues…

The only time I have to do that is when I fly an aircraft with the WT G3000 + Roaddata mod. That mean TBM and Longitude as they’re the only planes right now that use G3000/5000. The Roaddata addon always locks up the sim when I exit.

Yeah you can pretty much just exit however you want to. Hit the X, Alt+F4, end process in task manager, normal quit to desktop button, even taskkill /f /im. Won’t cause any issues.


Pff using process manager seems not really advisable with a program that uses CPU as well as GPU. With process manager you’ll kick out the main thread (first) and the followup… :neutral_face: I never needed it (happy me).

I close using x, or I click the Quit to Desktop button (only) when I happen to be in the main menu.

What is Pff?

The same as “sigh” or “ahem” or “mhhh” it is a word without meaning one could start a sentence with. In this case you could say “pffff” indicates this method involving the Process manager is kinda overkill.

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Pff is the solution.

Thanks folks, almost a pointless thread on my part but I had been wondering!

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After finishing a flight I just unplug the PC’s chord from the socket and suffer from no delay.

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If you are using Working Title, they state that the simulator can take several minutes to shut down… and to use the task manager to shut down or just let it go naturally. Just an FYI if that is the case

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