Cloud Albedo Too Low?

Hello everyone. I’d like to raise the question of the brightness of clouds when you’re flying above them. To me they look too dull and grey, when in reality cloud tops are very bright to the unaided eye. I have uploaded a video to YouTube in HDR that shows what I am talking about. It’s pretty long, so skip past the halfway mark where you will see that the bright white wings and fuselage of the plane I am flying is much brighter than the clouds below.

This has been something I’ve noticed for a few months now. Couple this with some complaints I have seen about the clouds being too dark when you’re below them, perhaps it might be worth looking into the simulation of light within clouds to see if some adjustments could be made.

Thank you.

System specs:
RTX 2070
Latest everything, video recorded today post-update.

They look really bright on my HDR monitor so I guess the colour range is a bit too narrow if you use anything else.