[Cloud Gaming] "You don't have enough space on the disk" trying to download everything in my content manager. Free up disk space button non-functional

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When launching the Cloud Gaming version of the sim after some time only playing it on PC/Xbox due to SU10 Beta, I launched the sim on Cloud Gaming and saw that my content manager downloads were wiped (not a big issue by any means), but for the first time I was met with the message that I was unable to download everything because of space limitations. I wasn’t aware such a limitation existed (download was 45.91GB according to the sim). However, when I tried to click the “FREE UP SPACE” button, it did nothing. I suspect it might be left over from the Xbox version, but in Cloud Gaming it does nothing when clicked. Is this a button that should have some UI connected to it, or should it perhaps be worded differently on Cloud Gaming?

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  1. Start with an empty content manager.
  1. Attempt to download a lot of content from the marketplace at once, in my case over 45GB
  2. Observe that there will be a message saying “You don’t have enough space on the disk” next to a button that reads “FREE UP SPACE”
  3. Click the button, nothing happens.

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Hey @Papa4332, is this issue still occurring for you on Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Hi @Jummivana, yes it is still an issue unfortunately. Could look like cloud gaming has a storage limitation.


Thank you for confirming!

I’ve been using the PC/Xbox Xcloud version since it launched on the platform (because potato PC/ancient launch XB One) and running into the same issue. So I’ve been wondering if MS has any plans to increase the size of the space available. Given the ever increasing sizes of each WU, and with only 50 GB, you obviously are very limited in what you can install.
But, I get it. MSFS on Xcloud is intended for more casual users or those who want access to it when they otherwise don’t. I fall into the latter group and can certainly accept its present limitations.
Again, not complaining. As I’ve said previously in other threads, being able to fire up MSFS via the Cloud on almost any device and still having access to the 3rd party content on the Marketplace (as un-user-friendly, misleading and bordline shady as hell as it is- but that’s another story) is still incredible.
One thing I noticed, however, is that there doesn’t seem to be much specific information out there- on the forum or elsewhere- on how MSFS operates on Xcloud in general and how it differs from the other versions in terms of available features. Feels like we’ve always got to dig for these details. These include the aforementioned available ‘HDD’ space, mouse/keyboard/peripheral capabilities etc. I’m also curious about how the cloud version will evolve as well.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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In my case I am being requested to install a mandatory update (?) of unknown size which of course I am unable to do as the free up space button is non-functional. A complete Catch22.

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In the Sim Update 13 Beta, the “Free Up Space” button has been removed from the Xbox Cloud Gaming version as it was not intended to work on xCloud.

Closed as fixed in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now