Cloud reflections under Wing?!

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The reflections of the clouds appear under the wing instead of ground reflection.

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CPU i7-9700, GPU RTX 2070 Super, RAM 32Gb, OS Win 11

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Last live build.

Are they reflecting on the wing or on the window ?

Kind of looks like the window to me, can see the reflections start lower than the wing itself.

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Yeah that’s what i thought.Our friend here is just confused.
It’s the reflection of the sky from the co pilots side.

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Dunno…it’s a one seater like a cub.

I suppose it’s possible but it really did not appear that way to me at the time.

I’ll check it out some more


By the angle of the turn you are making,it’s 90% the sky from the other side.The smaller the cabin as you say,the more it’s the sky

Yeah, you’re probably right.
(as my excuse, I’m gonna say I’ve never seen a reflection like that IRL)


Mods, please delete this bug report.

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Closed by OP request.