Cloud shadows on ground

I’m literally not seeing any since SU7. I know there has always been an issue with the thinner clouds not rendering shadows much but even with some thicker stuff I am not seeing a thing!


Seems to be a problem at altitude, nearer the ground as I came into land you can clearly see the shadow. The pics over the sea are at 4000ft

What I’ve observed is it’s easier to spot where there aren’t shadows, probably because the shadows themselves have such defuse edges. In your first shot, the patch of lighter coloured land near the foothills is are area with no shadow.

Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 03.14.27

If you are looking for a distinct shadow from a single cloud, with very defined edges, you won’t see it. But the shadows are there.

If you want an easy way to spot them, simply drag the time back, and forth, and watch how the shadows move about as the sun moves.