Cloud Type Varieties? SU&

Did SU7 remove all but one type of cloud? All I have seen is cotton balls, some dirty, some bleached, since SU7. This is with live WX or presets.


I see quite a variety. These shots all from the same spot

There is only one cloud type there. Cumulous.


That’s what I thought too. I sure feel like there was more variety before SU7. Maybe I’m imagining it.

Cumulus clouds are only up to about 6500ft or so. The game does have the various levels of clouds.

If we are talking shape, then they have said that currently they can only make so long. So you won’t see the longer altostratus style clouds.
Hopefully down the road they can figure that out.

The cloud shapes do move and we have various levels and density, so it’s pretty darn good.

I have more issue with depictions of overcast days than anything else.

Fly from Salt Lake to Denver. You’ll find CumuloGranite… :grin:


that weather looks terribly awful.

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