Clouds after update

Just my personal note , but i`m thinking the clouds in this build look so much better than previous in the beta build.
No more unrealistic towering culumus clouds everywhere.
Approach to Innsbruck over Stuttgart was spectecular in VR !


are you sure…this is not my experience at all…have a look at the bug section of the forum. The towering problem and clouds on ground are there with no change at all I’m afraid


I think something’s changed, though I’m not sure what. But overall, I’m with you.

Edit: as it’s not clear, I’m responding to SealedVolcano.

They are much better!

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I agree as well!!

I have a card rtx 3060 with 6 gb but the clouds look like cartoon … possible that they have worsened with this update?

io ho una scheda rtx 3060 con 6 gb ma le nuvole sembrano tipo cartone animato… possibile che hanno peggiorato con questo update?

Did you check your settings to see if any had changed?
Do you have the latest Nvidia drivers?

I still see them in most places…

I have the driver updates of December 20… and I can say that after this simulator update they really suck

ho gli aggiornamenti dei driver del 20 dicembre…e posso dire che dopo questo aggiornamento del simulatore fanno veramente schifo

Those are not realistic at all in the winter.

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and then the simulator goes to me in spurts inside the cabin … these every time they make updates do damage

e poi il simulatore mi va a scatti dentro la cabina… questi ogni volta che fanno aggiornamenti fanno danno

just found out that the 0 update has spat me all the settings … that’s why the clouds sucked

appena scoperto che l 0aggiornamento mi ha sputtanato tutti i settaggi … ecco perche facevano schifo le nuvole

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in fact the weather is an absolute disaster. We still have clouds on the ground, circles of towering clouds around the Airports, extreme convection everywhere, clouds appearing and disappearing in literally one second…it’s just awful. look at these examples…


the time in the game is absolutely broken, every now and then it gives the impression of working … but it’s a disaster at the moment

il tempo nel gioco e’ assolutamente rotto, ogni tanto da l’impressione di funzionare…ma e’ un disastro al momento

If some has good and some worse, it’s not concistent that we now know then. And it’s different if they look good or if they look how they suppose to look in that environment. I have never seen this much CB/TCU clouds in Sweden IRL as i see in the sim now after SU7/su7 update. That for me tells me something isn’t as it should be.

I understand if some is happy with those TCU clouds and METAR bubbles around airports. I’m not, i liked the complete picture of the weather we had before and at release and what i been advertised should be in this sim. I should be happy if i got an on/off switch for this new feature that make the weather look worse for me.


For me it looks better, and everything seems to be much smoother. I just completed a flight from EGGD to EGPH and there was even scattered snow on the ground from the light snow showers that have been here in the UK over the last couple of days


I also think they look a lot better.

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Thanks for all the hard work, you are on a roll. Now let’s get on with fixing some of the core program issues that have plagued the sim since release.


I don’t know if the weather in you photos was supposed to be scattered clouds, the one thing I know is that now in MFS it’s very rare to see a consistent unbroken covering of clouds, most notably medium and high clouds…and there is always those clouds on the ground too

Yes it was scattered, when I departed from EGGD it was overcast with rain and the weather improved as I travelled north to EGPH

EGGD 071450Z AUTO 25009KT 9999 -RA OVC003/// //////TCU 02/02 Q1010
EGPH 071450Z 25014KT 9999 FEW013 02/M00 Q1002