Clouds completely BROKEN at night with moon light (black exhaust contrails too)

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At night, clouds are invisible, black or much darker (as under another cloud) around a long radious circle with a full moon light.

Playing with the weather window, as I move the cloud layer up and down (100% coverage, high thickness and full density) the clouds go from invisible to visible to invisible again. No other clouds layers are set. This also happen in live weather.

Also, aircraft contrail look pure black, again under moon light.

Nothing of this happened in other sim versions.

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Higher thickness:

Same moment and cloud layer just changing time of day:

Here using live weather:

Here the black contrail even though there is no object causing shadow over it:

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Set night time and create a layer of clouds, set full cover for easier reproduction, full moon and start moving the layer up and down. It will be visible at certain altituda then invisible and then visible again.
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it´s not only the SU7 - it’s been there since SU6, but I only noticed it a few days ago !

but what you can see here again clearly with real weather - everywhere again only these cumulus clouds !

look at my post:

Yup, seems like the same issue, however, I haven’t had this in SU6:

no, it only occurs above the top layer of clouds - you have to be above the clouds, has something to do with the angle of the moon !

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Definetly a thing. Having the same issue. First time noticing it after SU7.


This issue exists - existed long before SU7! I am sure it did because I shared it here (at the end of my post) + some other night lighting issues like unrealistic global ambient lighting over cities.

Date: November 2020 : Night lighting issues still present - The community solutions

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I don’t do much night flying so I didn’t noticed until now, but yeah, definitely, is the same bug than the ones in all these old posts. Then, I can’t believe it is still unfixed after soooo long! :flushed:

Quite serious graphic bug imho.


yes, this “bug” has been around for a long time, the only strange thing is that only we noticed this issue! :roll_eyes:

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I guess only people doing long flights at high altitudes (airliners mostly) and at night are aware of this, and guess most people are flying GA so…anyway, I think this is a massive bug.

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This appears partially fixed on Sim Update 8 Beta. Noticed this on previous builds but moon is now lighting clouds around plane.

Exhaust contrail still looks dark though.

I can’t believe this issue is still running. Only 15 votes? :neutral_face:


Nevermind…looks broken on SU10 again. Both clouds and Exhaust. More votes everyone!

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