Clouds in Live Weather Not Loading Properly

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1 flight out of 4, 5, the game doesn’t load clouds properly. Sometimes they load after a few seconds, sometimes not at all. Launching the game, the first flight is always ok, but when I start a second, third, etc. flight, the problem occurs more frequently.

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Thanks. Unfortunately, it seems the issue is completely random. Lately things are going better, but in general I noticed more problems at Mataveri airport (World Update Oceania). My connection is not that fast (40 Mb/s), but it never gave me issues like that before.

Thanks. How about your graphics settings?

I’m on Xbox Series X.

This is definitely driving me crazy. The slow, or non existant, cloud loading is getting worse lately. I confirm I have NO PROBLEMS with my internet connection, but a lot of times, after starting a flight, the sky looks completely clear. Clouds even disappear in the world map. I reset the router, changed DNS, nothing changes. Usually clouds reappear reloading the flight or waiting 1-2 minutes… completely random behaviour.

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