Clouds kill performance after patch

Anyone else getting horrible performance with clouds activated? Even after clearing weather (clear sky) I still get low frames and stutters.

Seen it with fog mainly not just with clouds. Gradually degrades fps

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No problems here with clouds (gladly)…

the way i waas using a ps4 controller killed my performance after patch had to use it wired only

My performance started little bit better with patch so I’m afraid we’ll get to situations like with XP11 that users will have different results. Hope I’m wrong.

No problems here.

Not at all.
Besides … by release notes there is nothing even remotely related with this.

No major performance issues with clouds except live weather.

If I start a flight with live weather and switch cloud settings my frame rate drops to 10 and stuttering.

Just want to make sure if you are locking your frames via Nvidia and what are your cloud settings set to?

I found myself doing some slider adjustments to other settings which allowed me to keep my clouds on ultra. I have a mix of ultra, high, and medium settings selected to keep a 30 frames steady through Nvidia.

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