Clouds Over Cites/Towns - White Light Bleed

I love flying at night, currently we have a very orange glow over cites and built up areas that personally i think looks unnatural and doesnt add to the immersion. One of my wishes id like to see implimented would be white light cloud bleed over cites and built up areas, similar to the image below.

Currently in game all clouds give off an orange glow that looks unnatural and i think the addition of white light bleed from cites would add alot the the night flight immersion experience.

night lighting is lacking in many ways in msfs, daytime dusk/dawn looks quite nice.
I really hope they focus on night lighting in SU6/7 more than just ‘long range’ lights showing

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Orange glow is called light pollution, and imo it’s quite realistic. I don’t know how it looks from a plane cockpit flying high in the sky. But I live in a rural area, and going to the city at night you can see that typical orange glow replacing the dark skies as you get closer.


It’s a bit difficult to tell what you mean without an example screenshot from the sim. Are you saying the light pollution/bleed color does not match the color of the city lights?

what do you think after latest SU6?

I think that clouds over cities and towns should have this glow. Here is the screenshot I took over south Germany, densely populated area.

This is the kind of thing we might be able to get with ray tracing.

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