Clouds sitting over cities/places in mountains like snow

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Clouds shows like being on the air, but the reality there is ground and seeems to be like snow, which is not the case of course in this place in South México

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Non specific steps. I guess clouds are generated with some algorythym and appear at certain altitudes based on weather, as probably it is not taking into consideration the terrain already in place when generated, so it seems very strange like snow over the place
Flying at 15.000 feets

Maybe not all the cases are wrong, but in the last two pitcures where there is a city and is was not very natural

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Clouds will do that. Photo from Wikimedia:

I do think that we see it a bit too much in the simulator though. Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

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Yes. may be I’m totally wrong :slight_smile:

Really where the last two pictures (that took my first impression), the others I though may be are right

Seems fairly normal, especially in mountainous areas

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Exactly what you will see over mountainous terrain.

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Looks pretty accurate to me. Taken over blue mountains, near Sydney.