Co-pilot is not talking with tower why?

I have it activated but he doesnt speaking, whats wrong?

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maybe he has nothing to say?

Talking of atc, the sun is cracking the flags here in Nuremberg, not a cloud in the sky in live weather and in real life … Aaand I’ve just been denied clearance :rofl:

Is your battery/external power/engines on? You need to have an active radio tuned to ATC for the Flight Assistance to handle radio.

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Like Neo said, make sure your battery is on. Giving your pc or Xbox a reboot may help too :smiley:

PC Version

I wonder the same. It is an intermittent issue for me. After I realize I’m having the issue again, I disable the copilot communication assistant and manually respond to ATC the rest of the route. For my occurrences, manually clicking the response prompts the co-pilot to respond, but they won’t respond on their own. Not a big deal for me, but it would be nice to know if we had a way to correct it mid flight (when it usually happens to me)

Note: If your battery isn’t on, you don’t get the ATC communications options shown in the screenshot posted in one of the responses. It will show a blank dialogue window with a note that tells you you need to turn on the battery in red. It is almost certain that you already knew to turn your battery on.

Most people don’t use the in game ATC, and much of the MSFS Community are very patronizing and indifferent to those that do use it. I use it to add ambience to my flights, even though I have to ignore the instructions most of the time during descents and when on the approach.


I have the same semi-asleep copilot. Sometimes he responds to ATC, and sometimes he doesn’t. He usually wakes up and starts talking again later on the route. This started (for me at least) with SU6.

He didn’t get vaccinated and was fired?

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This usually happens when there’s a “broken” steps within the ATC responses.

For example, If you forgot to turn off the ATC Radio Flight Assistance at the start of the flight, when you turn on the battery, the Copilot will start to immediately ask for clearance. If you panic and turn off the assistance in the middle of this process, and complete the clearance process yourself until it’s done. The Copilot will be “waiting” for the clearance response, the next time you turn it on. But the clearance will never come because you have complete it yourself beforehand, therefore the process is broken.

To solve the issue above, make sure you let the Copilot finish the entire cycle of responses before turning them off. This means when the copilot asks for clearance, wait until the ATC clears you for your flight plan, and let the copilot response the read back and the ATC confirms it. Then you can turn it off because the whole clearance cycle is complete.

Same thing when you do a pushback. If you finished your pushback but your engines haven’t fully start and stabilised, sometime turning on the ATC Flight Assist will have the copilot to ask for the pushback again. This is because the sim hasn’t detect that the aircraft is ready for taxiing, either because the pushback isn’t really complete or because the engines haven’t been started and stabilised and ready for taxi.

In this case, same with the first example, don’t panic and don’t turn off the assist yet. Let it continue with the pushback again, because as soon as the sim detects it’s complete, the copilot will automatically ask for an end to the pushback, and the cycle would be complete and it can continue to ask for Taxi clearance and so on.

If you panic and turn off the assist in the middle of the “second” pushback, and you stop the pushback call yourself, the process will be broken as well. Because the next time you turn on the ATC Flight assist, it’s still “waiting” for the pushback car that will never come.


Thank you for the very detailed and insightful guidelines. Since I disable the communication assistance right after they do something unexpected, I never related the problem to incomplete ATC interactions with the co-piot.

I wonder if your post helped the OP?

yap , no doubt, he is amazing :wink:

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