Cockpit camera "Landing view"

I cannot activate the “Landing view”, which is supposed to set the view closer to the windshield and higher, in the cockpit. I have checked the keyboard controls and there the F11 key is set for toggling the “Landing view”. However when I hit the F11 key, nothing happens. I thought that I might have accidentally changed this view and tried to reset it with Shift + F11 but nothing changed.

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I think you’re looking for “COCKPIT VIEW UPPER” which is default set to the space bar.


No,you’re right.It happens to some models,i don’t know why.
However,it’s not essential,as you can always create your own views and save them

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F11 is also the key for “Change Aircraft”
you could try disabling that binding, and see if that was interfering with your ability to get the “Landing View”

I think there is a bug with the “F” key bindings. For example my F5 binding is not working. I bind it to another key and it works fine. Try binding to another key.

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Try to use the keybinding for something like Next/Previous Cockpit Position.

Tried that, but it’s not working.

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Does this happen in every aircraft, or any particular one?

This is, I suppose quite close to what I want, but the real solution would actually be to create your own view.

I have, so far, only used the Cessna 152. I’m currently going trough the training lessons :blush: . I’m a rookie.

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Well, I can verify it doesn’t work.
I attempted to assign another keyboard key to that command, but it still doesn’t work.
I also tried the 172, same result.
I suspect the command isn’t coded into these aircraft, probably due to the fact the cockpit position is quite close to the windscreen.
You really shouldn’t need it.
I’ve never used it myself.

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I can also verify with certainty that the “Landing View” is not working in the C152 & C172. I also believe the same can be said for the Just Flight Piper aircraft though I haven’t flown these recently.
“Landing View” was previoously working until CTD events were reported (and experienced by myself). I will speculate that in the latest update “Landing View” was dissabled to prevent this CTD event. Fingers crossed the cause for that CTD will be investigated and “Landing View” will be reinstated.
I personally like the “Lanfding View” and find it very useful when in a turn as I can use this view to ‘put my neck out’ to look forward, over the nose and into the turn (I am panning with the mouse). I have recently started real world flying lessons in a C172 and can say that leaning forward to see out the window while in a turn is indeed neccessary.

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Doesn’t work for me either. Was working great until last update. I also tried reassigning to different buttons, but nothing worked.

Same form me ! Since SU8 it is impossible for me to switch to landing view on the A320 neo (default XBOX).

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