Cockpit camera zoom level and field of view?

Does anyone know what FOV in degrees the camera zoom settings correspond to?

I’m trying to match the in-game field of view (FOV) to the real FOV of my setup, but the game doesn’t display this for different zoom settings. My setup has a 75 degree FOV, and I’d like the game to show the same. The unit-less 0-100 setting is pretty useless for home cockpit setups.

Unfortunately, I have exactly the same problem and also don’t know how to get the % in degrees. My FOV would be 50 degrees. I would also be very happy if someone creates a tool for it or knows a simple solution

Cheers Finn

Someone on Discord said 0% (or 1%, can’t remember what’s the minimum) may be 90 degrees, and 50% may be 60 degrees. That would make 100% 30 degrees if the slider has a linear relationship to FOV. I’m running 33% which “feels” right and would correspond to about 70 degrees. If this is truly correct, than 66% would be about 50 degrees. FOV = (90 - 60*ZOOM/100).

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OK thank you. I had already thought of something like that. I’ll try it out later

Where do you change this setting? I’m using a super ultrawide monitor and I feel like I’m only able to see 30% spanned across the entire monitor side to side.

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It’s under General/Camera I believe… there’s a default Zoom option.

Can we zoom out ( cockpit view ) a bit more than default ?
Is there a trick ( .cfg file or something ? )

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Yes, Options/General/Camera has a default Zoom settings which applies to all planes. There’s also now supposed to be a “save” pilot camera, but it’s broken on launch. (e.g. it moves/zooms out before saving your selected viewpoint).

I have this to 0
I thought it’s possible, with a trick (. cfg file ) to modify it more than 0

I managed to set proper FoV by setting it first in X-plane (where FoV is specified in degrees) then recreating the same C172 G1000 cockpit view in MFS2020 by adjusting zoom.


Are we any further meanwhile? I read somewhere else, a guy who tested two different methods to find out FOV, that 55% Zoom = roughly 75 degree FOV. (in the cockpit camera)

(FOV differs depending on Camera!!!)

Do we have any official info or confirmation meanwhile?

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Apparently it’s the secret sauce and it can’t be told to anyone, or they’ll have to revoke your license. I mean two years on, it’s still a guessing game (with the inconsistency between cameras).

I got this from a post years ago. I can’t remember.
Reply and I will give you credit.

FOV	MSFS Zoom Level
30°	100
36°	95
41°	90
46°	85
51°	80
56°	75
60°	70
65°	65
69°	60
74°	55
78°	50
81°	45
84°	40
87°	35
90°	30
93°	25
96°	20
98°	15
101°	10
103°	5
106°	0

I use it for my 65 inch and it seems okay.


There is a really neat community mod on Triple Screen Calibration Utility to measure your FOV for different aircraft and zoom levels. Works for single monitor as well as multi monitor setups.

Basically it is an “fake” airport where you can place your aircraft at different ramp spots. In your camera view degree markings will show to read the FOV angle displayed.

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