Cockpit instruments not working

Hello I hope you are well.
¿Does the same thing happen to someone else?

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you mean you can’t press any buttons anymore Open the camera once and move the window with the mouse and close it you should be able to operate everything again

It’s a problem in numerous aircraft with the Garmin. Sometimes it fixes itself when you get to the next waypoint. Most of the time I can get it to start working again by either setting up and activating a “Direct to” the next waypoint, or sometimes I just cycle the Garmin power off and then back on.
Very irritating bug, but can force you to fly on backup instruments till it’s back on.
Wish I could give you better news.

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Hey Yoel,

Yes, the TBM (and others) can lock up and this has been posted on the Zendesk already.

Someone mentioned you may be able to go into the MFD “little screen” and sometimes it may activate again by going into the flight plan and working with the next waypoint. Or, just going into the flight plan itself. I do my best to not touch anything there since I do not think the sim has really “burned in” that screen yet.

It happened to me once while descending into final approach so I just flew in the rest of the way. God forbid I had to fly the plane!