Cockpit keeps on adjusting itself after resetting position

Hi guys, it been a while I don’t fly in VR, almost 5 months ago. I finally got hands again on the reverb G2 but I noticed today that there is a weird behavior with the cockpit camera. Once I look to my left side the camera position is continuously making very small adjustments(like if I did a zoom in and zoom out) while my head is not moving.

I didn’t experience before. I am not sure if this is an issue introduced in the previous updates but I certainly didn’t have this before.

Has someone an idea what could be causing this behavior?

Thanks for your support :+1:

Not your specific issue but any tracking issues I have had with my G2 are because the room has become too dark, usually because of heavy cloud cover coming over or sunset while wearing my headset, and are resolved by improving room lighting.


Yep probably due to tracking, i have the exact same issue as when i turn my head to the left i have a blank white wall. I really must put up some colourful wallpaper to help alleviate the issue!


Go to WMR settings and somewhere you can “clear environment variables”. I had a similar (maybe the same) problem a while ago and this completely fixed it

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