Cockpit Lights - FBW A320NX Cold and Dark

If I start a flight cold and dark at night in the FBW A320NX I find it very difficult to see any of the switches until I have managed to find the overhead dimmer, floodlight dimmer, etc…

Is there a cockpit light switch I can use to give me more light before the electrical system is up and running?

Thank you

Key [Alt-L] (if I remember well) is turning on and off the flashlight. You can use to light up the overhead panel until power is on.

Thanks for your quick reply, I’ll give that a go on my next flight.

All the best

See also this post:

With this method you can start your aircraft cold and dark but (for example) with external power on, and with all the brightness switches (and even the overhead dome light) set.
(To start with external power on, you have to edit “ExternalPowerSwitch=True” in the apron.FLT file)

You could do that, or you could just look for the glowing green “Avail” text that’s always lit if its available. :wink:


Thank you for your reply, the problem is locating the various dimmer switches when it’s dark. Even turning on external power all the panels are fully dimmed.

The ALT+L solution given by jfoguet61 works a treat.

Yes it does although despite the keybinding being there it stopped working for me over the break. Since I’d been flying her a lot though I learned the relevant button / knob locations soon after. In no time you will snap right to those knobs even in pitch black lol. BATT1,BATT2,EXTPWR, then the knobs :slight_smile:

After hundreds of hours in the this thing, I go straight for the dome light switch and can find it in the dark no problem.


Yes, thank you that’s what I was looking for. So until I can hit the switch blindfolded, ALT+L for the flashlight, locate the dome switch and turn on, job done.

Thank you for your help.

Just double checked and there’s a tiny “OFF” light on the Signs push button beneath the Dome toggle that you can see as soon as you hit the BAT 1 and 2. You can use that to easily locate the dome light switch in the dark. I didn’t realize this was how I’ve been doing it until just now.

What’s it for Xbox?

If you can connect a keyboard to your Xbox then you can use the key combination of Alt+L which will turn on the flashlight so you can locate the dome light.

Also se the reply from p1nba11er