Cockpit Livery Variant For Cessna Citation CJ4

I created a custom cockpit livery variant for the Cessna Citation CJ4. Colors: Black/Gray/Beige.

Compatible with working title CJ4 mod.
Should work with custom liveries. If not, then the custom livery has its own cockpit texture files in the package.

Installation: Unzip the folder “zzzz…” into the community folder.

Downloadable at nexusmods:

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Some Pics:

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Wow these look great! Thanks!

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Thank you so much, I absolutely love your cockpits! Especially the Cessna 172 with the new round gauge design is an absolute MASTERPIECE!! And this cockpit redesign here brings the rather plain vanilla cockpit of the Cessna CJ4 to the next level and on par with the Cessna Longitude.
Fantastic work, absolut fantastic.