Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR

Cessna 152 cockpit is tiny in VR ! please fix it

Tiny cockpits, I feel like a 7 feet big man, the plane’s yoke in front of me is tiny like for an infant baby. If I straighten up but a little bit, my head will probably pop out the roof of the cockpit. Please introduce the scale slider as OP asks. I am only 5"10’ in life. Using Reverb G2.


For this all to work properly the hardware IPD adjustment should change Inter Camera Distance (ICD) accordingly. This isn’t happening and it stays in its default setting.

That default setting staying at the same default value is the reason why some people perceive the world too large (smaller IPD than default ICD), just about right (IPD matches ICD) and too small (IPD larger than default ICD).

The only way to fix this properly is to link ICD to hardware IPD adjustment. I’m not holding my breath this happening as the developement leadership (in WMR, OpenXR, ect relevant software) seems to lack a VR enthusiast at the helm :slight_smile:


The controls on the 747 is a little small, can tell by the size of control column and the switches. The seat is also tiny compared to the Diamond DA40. Not a major issue though. I don’t know if the space of the cockpit is the right size because I’ve never been into one.

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It’s everything. Cockpits and the whole world. Land a cub or something on a parking lot where the sat imagery shows parking spot paint lines. Hop out into drone or just look out the window. Parking spots are golf cart sized. …like you’re in a kiddie world where everything is half sized.



Just like to thank you for your engagement here to solve some of the problems the sim still has and the in depht investigations you do for that. Its an constant process of learning for me.

I hope the developers respect that too.


Thank you for your kind words.


I watched some real world videoclips about my favourite aircraft, Baron G58, and now the cockpit does’nt feel too small anymore. Even in the real world aircraft there is tiny space there. The Baron’s cabin is just 1,07m wide, thats much lesser than even in an very small car like an Smart which is 1,27m.

So maybe I have had wrong expectations here.

Anyway it would be welcome to have an option to adjust the individual IPD/ICD settings in the sim.


Please add this.


I have the Reverb G2 with hardware IPD adjustement.
I placed myself in front of the Halo Helmet and Tried the slider in extreme positions. In WMR Settings I can see it reacts on the position of the slider between 60 and 67.575 mm.
The lenses do move as they should inside the G2.
While doing this I looked at the helmet and do not see any subsequent sizechanges from moving the slider.

What am I doing wrong?


Nothing! You’re maybe not as sensitive to vergence. What is your eye IPD (real)?

Rough measurement shows 66 mm

So If im not doing anything wrong, and the size of the helmet is not affected by the IPD slider, How do I get the fact that It feels like I’m wearing a Bonanza and its a tight fit resolved?

Just to make it clear: you don’t see the helmet changing size, instead, you perceive the helmet having a different size. It is really different:

  • changing size would for example make the left and right sides of the helmet displaying farther apart in the headset views (left side of helmet more to the left of the left image for example)

  • perceived size is the overall feeling it is more or less big and is mostly in relation to the view angle to the sides. It won’t really display farther to the left of the left image, it will more or less stay put, but the you’ll more or less of the side of the helmet instead.

I’ll try to “draw” a picture: Imagine you’re looking at a checker board center with your eye at 15cm above, compared to looking at the same checker board center with your eye at 5cm above. The angle it is displaying is changing but not much its perceived size. But when looking at both sides of a volume with both eyes, if both sides angles are changing in opposite angles, the perceived size is smaller or bigger.

It is really hard to explain with words and I’m not even sure I could even make a video explaining this (easier face to face).

Now since your IPD is already close to the max of the G2, meaning you’re used to see things from a wider separation, you might not notice much the change. However I believe for someone used to see the world with a lower IPD, displaying the helmet with a wider IPD might have a more dramatic impact. I’m about 64 real (the middle) and I can distinctively perceive about 3 different sizes.

I dont percieve any change in the helmet when standing nose-nose with it and varying the slider between its extremes.
As to if I see it a “different” size - I dont know - to what?
The major issue is examplified with the Bonanza where I feel like I am sitting in a toy plane - ie to small a fit around me.
I dont read any other suggestions in your explanation as to if this can be resolved with the currently availa$ble options. Is this correctly understood?


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We agree: there is no other suggestion to resolve the differences in cockpit sizes from one person to the other, thus, the reason for this topic and the vote: to let Asobo knowing they have to provide an adjustment in-sim settings for this because the current WMR tools can’t solve this problem.

NB: SteamVR can override the IPD and this works really well…


It just occurred to me another possibility is that the variation in aircraft cockpit scale might be due to another bug, which is also related to my discovery of the Trees LOD problems and the POIs popping up only until close enough:


The root cause is the 3D models loader in FS2020 seems to be ignoring the 3D model internal scaling factors when computing the minimum distance to which it can display in view. It is possible the same loader is ignoring the 3D cockpit model scaling factor as well.

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Scale is incredibly important for suspense of disbelief, and we all know how high that bar is set in this genre. A potential fix: Tweak the Inter-Camera-Distance (ICD) irrespective of it’s correlation to the game’s rendering. fpsVR is a VR multi-tool of sorts through which you can calibrate the IPD “offset,” moving the virtual eyes closer or further, and thus tweaking the world scale. I haven’t tried it with fs2020, but for all it’s other useful features, it’s hardly a loss if doesn’t integrate here.

If it works, lightweight background software like this may be a more robust and elegant solution than adding the feature to the sim. Consider that the problem could be had in any VR game. Tools like fpsVR (there may be others that function similarly) can run while you play any Steam VR game, and the setting is consistent, just like your headset and your face will be. Also, settings in the sim are best when they concern the sim and a setting to a hardware-person interface problem is best when it sits nearby other hardware-person interface settings like resolution, refresh rate, and room boundary.


I’m extremely confused by all the talk of IPD. My understanding is that IPD has NOTHING to do with adjusting the FOV. I mean, it may affect it by a degree or 2, but the purpose of IPD adjustment is to keep your eyes in the sweetspot of the crappy fresnel lenses in the VR headset.

Surely the problem is a mismatch in the FOV of the rendered image, and the optical FOV of the headset?

If the software is generating a 110degree field of view, but your headset is only showing a 90 degree physical field of view (like my Reverb G2), then your cockpit will appear smaller, or zoomed out. Whilst I realise the C152 is small in real life, I estimate the yoke is only 7 inches across when looking through my headset. In reality, I believe it is close to 12 inches.

The answer is simply to zoom in slightly, but the facility has been disabled in VR mode.

If there are config file settings we could adjust, that might do it. I also find the default VR seated position is a little high. I’d quite like to adjust that too.

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The difference between ICD and IPD is what makes the following images not life-size to me. I’ve found this interesting dataset to illustrate this: 2005 Stereo Datasets

Try this: cross your eyes, until the two squares align, and focus on the middle image

Figure 1. A stereoscopic image pair taken with two cameras.
Right eye view on the left, left eye view on the right.
Courtesy of Zeb Hodge, as posted on Flickr.
Stereoscopic Vision - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Do they look life-size to you? Bigger? Smaller?
Is the perceived depth life-size, bigger, smaller than expected?

Here is for example with objects, which we have an intimate knowledge of the size:

  • cross eyes on the first pair
  • compare how the yellow voltmeter seems maybe bigger in the bottom pair vs the top pair.

1 and 0 views:

6 and 0 views:

This is fun:

More explanations in the 1st post and here:
[BUG/FEATURE] Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR - #34 by CptLucky8